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Your Makeup Corrector Color Guide



Have you been looking into buying some makeup color corrector but aren’t sure what each color is meant for. Look no further! We understand the overwhelming feeling of walking into a store and being unsure of what you want. This is why we have created a color guide to help you find what you are looking for. Using a color corrector will help smooth your makeup and provide an even finish. Your makeup routine just got that much better.

Let’s take a look


The color vibrant and bright Daffodil is used to cover dark colors such as purple and blue. The yellow pigment covers bruises, veins, and dark under eye circles. Lighter complexions can also use this pigment as eyeshadow primer. Using lighter pigments for eyeshadow will help the shadows colors pop! When using this corrector, apply prior to other face makeups such as concealer or foundation.

A great daffodil color corrector to try:

NYX Professional Makeup HD photogenic undereye concealer wand. Great for medium coverage! Buy .11 oz for $6 at your local Target or online at

Tangerine & Sherbert

If you suffer from fatigue, these colors will change your life. Using pink pigmented color correctors will make you look energized and awake. They are great for olive skin tones because they add a dose of brightness. When apply these correctors, apply foundation first, then the pink based corrector

A great tangerine/ sherbet color corrector to try:

Morphe fluidity color correcting concealer. This product lasts for 16 hours and is only $10 on the Morphe website. Find a list of their ingredients at!


Purple undertones cover yellow toned areas on the face. Make sure to carefully apply this to the area, too much will cause dark tones instead. Apply this before or after your face makeup!

A great periwinkle color corrector to try:

KimChi Chic – TMC 23 lavender color corrector found online at for $14. Kim Chi says this product is more of a feature enhancer and to always remember the 4 C’s, conceal,cover, correct and contour!


Green based correctors focus on erasing red tones in the face. It is best used for covering acne, scars, rosacea and windburn. Apply this corrector before your other face products such as concealer or foundation.

A great mint color corrector to try:

Ulta beauty waterproof color correcting liquid concealer can be found at your local Ulta or The .08 oz bottle sells for $9.00 and comes with a free gift when purchased! Some key ingredients are aloe vera, chamomile, green tea and tea tree oil.


This corrector is perfect for dark complexions. It helps erase dark under eye circles and even out other discolorations. Apply this corrector before your other face products such as concealer or foundation.

A great salamander color corrector to try:

Ben Nye Mojave Adjuster can be found online at for $8.50. The .3 oz bottle yields about 50-200 applications based on how frequently you use it. Check out their website for a list of ingredients!

Which color corrector will you try?

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