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Your June Horoscope



June 2021 has high expectations this year. With an eclipse and two retrogrades during this month, we are sure to see a lot of changes this June. We spoke to an astrologer and got your monthly horoscope, so you can know what to expect this month.

Let’s see what is written in the stars.

You may be feeling more on edge than usual this month. Take note of these feelings. Be patient with yourself and others during this time period. Avoid taking your anger out on those that are around you. You can do this by taking care of yourself! Lot’s of self reflection and activities such as walking, yoga, and meditation can help you get through this next month with ease and grace.

It is all about love this month. Good or bad, you will be realizing some truths about relationships in your own life. Always remember to take care of your emotional self so you can get through this month accordingly.

You have been questioning friendships/relationships in your life for quite some time. Remember that real always recognizes real, and trust that the truth will reveal itself this month. Your answers are right around the corner. Take care of yourself during this time and appreciate how much you have grown as a person. The best is yet to come!

It is time to notice the signs that are in front of you. You can be a bit naive when it comes to relationships. Remind yourself of how intelligent you are and pay attention to details. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

Hard work always pays off. This is something you’ve learned the past year. Take this month to be proud of your achievements, success is right around the corner. This next month is predicted to be filled with lots of love, laughter, and memories for you. Your relationships will become stronger within this next month.

You are very good at reasoning. Typically, you find yourself diffusing situations. This month, you need to be selfish with your time and energy. Because you are always so grounded, people tend to go to you for advice. This is only problematic if it is affecting your life. Remember you do not have the power to fix all the bad, but you do have the power to make sure you’re doing good. Being selfish does not always have to be a bad thing. Take some down time this month and work on your own spiritual and emotional sides.

You have been craving alone time and this month will allow you perfect opportunities to relax and feed this craving. Make time for yourself, but also celebrate the sunshine with friends and family. This month will present you with challenges between alone time and socializing however, you will have a better understanding of balance in your life by the end.

It is predicted that a new love interest will be coming your way this month. It can seem like a good idea to hide away in your own happy corner, but that will result in missed opportunity. Keep an opportunistic outlook on life and remember to complete every action with good intention in mind.

Your head is always in the clouds, fantasizing about life in a different realm. Your creativity is a big part of your decision making. Try to ground yourself this month to avoid fighting. Your abstract way of thinking can lead you into some trouble. Practicing meditation can help you with grounding, decision making and problem solving.

This month is filled with luck! You will have many opportunities coming your way this month. As always, stay bold and fierce with your decision making. Your loud voice can speak volumes to others. It is important to understand how your words affect those around you. Take advantage of every open door that comes your way!

It is time to prioritize your own mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. It is important to communicate your feelings to the people around you. Lack of communication can cause an eventual outburst. It is best to avoid this by talking to your partner adequately and taking time to yourself. Your craving affection and opening up to the people in your life can result in the attention you’re looking for.

This month presents a crossroad. You can have a fiery month or a relaxed one, but the choice is yours. If you decide to fuel to fire, you will find yourself having a sexy, romance filled summer. However, this route also results in chaos, drama and exhaustion. IF you are trying to avoid this, stay to yourself for a little while. You will know when the cross road has presented itself.

What are your June plans?

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