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Your July Horoscope



Looking at the month overall, July is predicted to be a month of healing and learning from negative energies that impact you. Facing these emotional challenges head on will progress motivation for your work and your life as a whole. It was also make it easier to have awareness of what makes you happy and fulfilled in life. Learning what makes you happy will lead you to making better choices this month which will lead you to become more connected with yourself and others. You will become more vulnerable to yourself and others this month. This will make it hard to deny what is making you feel wrong instead of making decisions based off of what you thought you wanted or what others wanted for you. July It is the sign you have been looking for.

Let’s take a look at specific signs


You are so lucky because you have some of the best friends surrounding you. The support from your peers gives you great joy in life. The friendships you have made are an equal balance of giving and receiving. This is because you have a caring tendency to you and often make relationships with others who are the same way. However, remember you do not always have to exert all your own energy for others. It can be exhausting when doing this and it is important to save some of your energy for yourself! Take time in nature or through your own self-care habits to replenish your energy.

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You love to push yourself to the farthest heights in life and see how far your personal boundaries are. Remember not everyone is this way. The beginning of July presents hardships for you however, if you learn to respect others boundaries everything will be okay. It is not personal when people need their own time and space. Sometimes, our friends go through situations where they need time alone to understand their own emotions. They will come to you when they are ready, but do not push them.

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Often times you find that you are right in the situation. However, this can cause turmoil if you have trouble compromising. Remember it is important to know when to hold your tongue. You have great wisdom and you are not afraid to share it with those who are around you. Be careful to not be too egotistical with your opinions as it could affect your relationship, even if your intentions are pure. Remember to not be too upset when your motives are in question, you have many positives in your life that are worth focusing on. Though negative energies may seem to swarm your life, you have the power to replace that with positive energy. This can be challenging but the outcome is very rewarding with true happiness.

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July brings you lot’s of time to relax, unwind, and reflect on your life. Reflecting on your life will lead you to reconnection within yourself and the things you like to do. Focusing on yourself is not always pretty, it can be hard to take life at a slower pace. However, taking this time will re-energize yourself will help with your motivation. Continue to be a mindful individual and remember you can achieve all your goals. The vibes are looking good!

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Your finances are looking good this month and it seems that you will be coming into some money. Be sure to save a portion of this for yourself in the future. You can always ask for help to learn how to properly budget and save for yourself. Life is always better when you have your finances taken care of. Always be responsible with your purchases.

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You have been a bit of turmoil in your relationship for quite some time. It is time for you to look back and realize what is best for yourself. It can be hard to detach from those that we love however, toxicity in a relationship is not going to help you fulfill your destiny. It is time to heal but you must open your heart and mind in order to do so. You will get closure from past situations and work through the present in order to have an amazing future. Remember, it is best for the both of you. New and strong friendships will be entering your life this up coming month. Hold on tight to this person, they are very special and will help support you through all hardships.

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Theres a situation that is happening that you are having trouble understanding. This is because you need to take a philosophical approach in order to understand how it affects your life, the lives around you and the world as a whole. It is important to know the difference between a fantasy and reality. Do not romanticize energies that affect you negatively. When you are not blinded by ideals, you will be able to see this situation clearly. This will allow you to be able to choose what is best for yourself.

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You are a star darling but you also need some down time to yourself. People are instantly attracted to you and your positive energy. This can sometimes leave you feeling uncomfortable. People can also become jealous of your likability and success but do not let that discourage you. Continue to work hard, reach your goals and not let negative energy bring you down. Keep your real friends by your side and surround yourself around uplifting individuals.

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It seems that lot’s of secrets are going to come out between friends in your group this July. It is not fair for you to always be giving more than you are receiving. Ask yourself if these friendships nurture your soul or harm your well-being. You know the answer and you know what is best to you. All will be revealed within this upcoming month.

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It may be time for you to take a break from social media this month. Technology is very helpful but often times it can put us in a bad mental state. To avoid this, your best bet is to take a break from social media. Use this to your advantage and rejuvenate yourself in the sun. This will help you feel more grounded, calm and collected. Learning how to give yourself space from technology will help you in the work place.

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Confidence is key baby! You have it all and it is time that you notice this and give yourself credit for how amazing you are as a person. You have it all and those around you can agree. Now you have to embrace and believe in yourself. Every one has flaws, but they are nothing worth focusing on. Pay attention to how many tasks you are good at and how beautiful you are. Confidence looks so good on you.

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A month full of love is coming your way! Make sure to take in all the moments of affection between you and your partner and cherish everything you have together. If you feel it becomes overbearing, talk to your partner about equality and boundaries within your relationship. This will help improve communication skills between the both of you and strengthen the relationship all together.

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