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Women Hair Styles We Wish Never Happened

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Ever look back at an old photograph and think “WTF was that hair?!

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Throughout the decades, women have been notorious for getting trendy cuts and styles they will later regret.

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Let’s go back in time and take a look at some of the WORST hair styles we’ve ever seen.

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The 1950s “Devil Do”

Photo Credit: pinterest

Holy horns! Not going to lie, this hair is slightly terrifying. Perfect house wife meets satan vibe? Let’s just hope this look never comes back again.

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The 1960s “Alien Mom”

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Can you hear the theme song to the Twilight Zone yet? The height of this hair-do is impressive, but Ma is low-key looking like an alien. Is there another planet hiding behind those locks? Or did she have dreams of being 5’11? #we’llneverknow

Photo Credit: Amazon

1970s “Bowl Cut Betty’

Photo Credit: pinterest

Ah, the bowl cut! The traumatizing trim Mom made you get as a toddler. This infamous style has tragically been around for decades. It haunts us with it’s ugly and feels no remorse about it. Poor Will from Stranger Things….kid can’t catch a break.

1980s “Electric Locks”

Photo Credit: The Sun

This one almost leaves us speechless. Did she electrocute herself in the girl’s bathroom? Roll around in static for 40 minutes? Get in a fight with an angry chihuahua? Either way, I don’t think this look could be repeated even if we tried.

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The 1990s “Cockatoo Princess”

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Whip out the 90s prom pics and see how many cockatoos you can find! We’re not sure if a stylist got inspired by a bird or if we simply were brainwashed to think this is cute. NONETHELESS, let’s leave this look in the 90s and never bring it back. #pleaseandthankyou

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Can’t wait to see what they have to say about 2020 hair in 2060.

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