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Top 4 Dog Breeds For New Owners



Having a dog that fits into your lifestyle is very important. If you have never had a pet before and are interesting in adopting one, it is important to do your research. We have found the top dog breeds to adopt for beginner dog owners. The following dogs are easy to take care of and simple to add into your lifestyle.

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Shih Tzus

These dogs aren’t only adorable, they have a great personality to them. Their very funky dogs and can be surprisingly athletic. This is because their energy levels are around a medium. Their long coats can be a bit of a challenge and need to be regularly taken care of, but are easy to do with the help of a groomer. These dogs are also great for families and love being playful with kids. They are very alert and easily trained. These tiny love bugs are one of the smartest breeds of dogs around! Generally speaking, Shih Tzus weight around 9-16 pounds.

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These are some of the happiest, laid back, and life loving breeds. Since they are so laid-back they have a lower energy level but they still are playful and will definitely get the zumiez. Running can be hard due to the way their short legs and face are structured. Their cute wrinkly faces and short nose are adorable, but can cause serious health concerns. This means these dogs can be a bit more expensive to take care of since they need to go to the vet more often. Since a pugs coat is very short and thin, they need minimal grooming. Their intelligence is average and they can be trained easily. Generally speaking, these lovable pups will weight around 14-18 pounds.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This medium sized dog is one of the most joyful pups of them all. This pup can be the best of both worlds because they are great lap dogs but they also love a good walk. Their energy is on the lower side compared to other dogs, but they will still be playful with the whole family. Sadly, similar to the pug, the cocker spaniel suffers from health problems due to its smaller nose. It also requires regular grooming due to its longer coat. It has a very average intelligence but can be trained easily. These pups are usually around 13-18 pounds.

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One of the most ironic breeds you’ll ever meet. This pup was originally bred for racing however they are some of the laziest dogs around. Whippets are great if you live in an apartment because they are couch potatoes and love to snuggle on the couch all day. They are very lovable pups and will bring you lots of joy. Whippets can not be trusted off leash because they are so fast, it would be impossible to catch them. However, just because they enjoy a good short sprint, they won’t be able to run for long because they do not have a lot of endurance. Their coats are very short and often need jackets in the winter time. They also have average intelligence and can be trained fairly easily with the help of a dog trainer. They will usually weigh around 25-40 pounds

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