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Tips to help separate work from home




The pandemic has forced many companies to close down their offices and have employees work from home. While this adjustment helped some out, others are struggling to work in their own house. Are the kids running around? Can’t focus? Worry no more! Miss Domesticated is here to give you some quick tips.


Tip #1: Become BFF’s with Alexa


Before starting your workday, plan out a schedule, and have a chat with Alexa. The device can help ease the stress of remembering all the things you have to get done (especially if you are combining work + home duties). For just under $60, Alexa can be your very own personal assistant!

Tip #2: Create “strictly-work” workspace

Thrive Global

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a whole room dedicated to office space. That is perfectly ok! Find a corner, hallway, or anywhere else in your home where you can fit a small desk and chair. Once you pick the spot, designate the area for WORK and WORK only. Hang up a motivational quote, calendar, marker board, or anything that helps you feel like you are in a working environment.

Tip #3: Soundproof the room!

Soundproof Expert

Loud kids? Noisy neighbors? You may want to invest in soundproofing. Consider purchasing insulating “sound strips” to put along the perimeter of your door. These are cheap, easy to apply, and can make all the difference. Between virtual meetings and the desire to focus, having less noise can help ease some stress.

Tip #4: Take advantage of breaks!

Northern Virginia Magazine

Perhaps there are some upsides to working from home. Since you’re not in the office, “free” time can be spent doing things you normally couldn’t do during work hours. Incorporating something like a 20-minute workout or meditation will give you a boost of energy and relieve stress.

Tip #5: Whip out the “slow-cooker”

Taste of Home

Working from home, dealing with the kids, and somehow need to have dinner ready by 6.


Check out some slow-cooker recipes and let the machine do the work! This will save you time and energy while getting your daily assignments done.

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Being a woman in Your 20s vs 30s: The Biggest Differences



Is it us just us, or does life seem to get more difficult as the years go on?


20’s are filled with the stresses of student debt, finding a job, and figuring out the person you ultimately “want to be”. It is also the decade of most people’s lives to make mistakes, be confused, and form our identities.


So our 30’s must be alot easier…. right?

Here are some of the biggest differences between our struggles in our 20’s vs our 30’s

1.) Changes to our appearance


Let’s face facts here, our youth doesn’t last forever. When our 30s hit, so do changes in our body. Perhaps a small wrinkle is forming or a few grey hairs are sprouting. This can lead some woman into panic mode.

News f*cking flash : YOU ARE AGING AND IT IS OKAY!!!!!

Did you look the same from when you were 10 to when you turned 20? NO. So what makes you think you should look the same from when your 20 to 30?

The pressures put on woman to maintain their “young” appearance can be exhausting. Aging is a beautiful thing, even if it seems like a difficult pill to swallow.

The irony is, many of the 30-something women I know are the most beautiful, authentic, and dynamic versions of themselves right now. They don’t want to go back to being their 22-year-old self — except, maybe, when they have a hangover.

Julia MCveigh, business insider

2.) Pressure to succeed

Regent Student Living

Your 30s filled with a WHOLE NEW SLEW of pressures. Don’t have a great job? Hot husband? Instagram worthy photos every other day? You better get your sh*t together woman!

Those who fail to meet these ambitious milestones may feel inadequate. Those who are striving to achieve them may feel pressure to compete with their peers. And, man, is this a bummer. Once upon a time, us 20-somethings shared our mistakes with ease and humor; as a 30-something, this type of breezy, endearing vulnerability is increasingly absent.


We are all on a completely different journey – simple as that. Some people reach success when their 50, some people are secretly miserable in their Instagram perfect relationship, so who exactly made up these pressures? As difficult as it is NOT to compare ourselves, it is important to realistically remind your brain that THIS is YOUR life – and it doesn’t have to be like somebody elses.

3.) Becoming more self aware


Often times in our 20s we are slightly more careless. (Just because we have lessons to learn DUH!) We’ll date guys who treat us like crap, spend money on ridiculous things we definitely don’t need, and perhaps indulge more then we should.


By the time our 30s hit, most of us have matured based off everything we learned in the previous decade. Maybe we don’t spend money as carelessly or overreact to bullsh*t we know doesn’t really matter. Taking what you learn from your 20s can prevent stresses of “30s”. With age comes more self confidence – the longer you live with yourself the more you get to know that person and be comfortable in your skin.

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5 famous ladies who have survived breast cancer



Everyday Health

So many of us are affected by the evil “C” word…cancer. Whether you suffered yourself or watched a family member/friend go through it, cancer is a difficult battle to face.

Here are a list of 5 celebrities who were brave enough to share their story about fighting breast cancer.

1.) Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Dominik Bindl

In 2017, the Veep actress was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer.

“One in eight women get breast cancer. Today, I’m the one.”


Louis-Dreyfus went through 6 rounds of chemo and ultimately chose to get a double mastectomy to treat the cancer.

2.) Jane Fonda


The 82-year-old famous actress unfortunately dealt with multiple cancer battles throughout her life,

“I’ve had a lot of cancer I was a sun-worshipper. When I have a day off, I frequently go to my skin doctor and have things cut off me by a surgeon.”

Jane Fonda/British vogue

In 2016, Fonda was diagnosed with breast cancer and wound up having a mastectomy to cure it.

3.) Christina Applegate


In the summer of 2008, Christina Applegate was faced with some difficult news. Doctors found cancerous lumps in one of her breasts and decided to perform a double mastectomy. Applegate opened up On Good Morning America about her mother being a repeat breast cancer survivor, which gave her hope and strength as a woman. The actress is also planning to start a foundation to help financially assist high risk breast cancer patients who can’t afford the cost of a MRI.

4.)Hoda Kotb

Fox News

5.) Wanda Sykes

The hilarious comedian unfortunately discovered she had breast cancer after going in for a surgery to get a breast reduction. Sykes’ family history was flooded with breast cancer cases on her mother’s side, which is why she chose to get a preventative double mastectomy.

“I had both breasts removed because now I have zero chance of having breast cancer” 

wanda sykes, ellen degeneres show

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Halloween inspired nail art you won’t believe



Who doesn’t love detailed nail art? Take a look at these incredible Halloween themed nails that may inspire your next manicure!

1.) Nightmare Before Christmas


One of our fave Tim Burton films, these Nightmare Before Christmas nails are the perfect manicure to get in the Halloween spirit.

2.) Horror Villain Fingers


Jason, Scream, Jigsaw, and Michael – the gang’s all here! If you’re a horror film buff, this could be a manicure dream come true.

3.) Vampire Blood


Slightly creepy, but also sleek. These “blood” drip nails are fashionable and “spooky”.

4.) Adorable Spiders


If you aren’t into scary nails, these might be the perfect match. Matte orange with cute polka dots/spider designs? What an adorable Halloween mani!

5.) Pretty Pumpkins!

Good Morning America

These nails are definitely for the fall fashionista! Get your pumpkin spice latte and show off that sleek autumn manicure!

6.) Ghost “yin and yang”

Oprah Magazine

These are just super adorable. Simple as that!

7.) Spooky meets cute

My Modern Met

Detailed with witches and skeletons, these nails are the epitome of Halloween,

8.) Festive Ghost


Bright, quirky, and spooky we LOVE this manicure.

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