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Throwback Movies You Should Rewatch ASAP




With most of us staying home more, it’s likely that you’ve got more time on your hands throughout the day or at night. And let’s be real, most of us spend more time scrolling through social media than we would like to admit, and who likes watching the news anymore? Depressing. Though Netflix series are great and we love a good Nicholas Sparks romance movie from time to time, it’s always fun to dust off our old movie collection and watch some of our favorite throwback movies.

Here are some of our favorite movies from decades past!


The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Warner Bros

Safe to say, for many of us, our shoe obsession began with the Ruby Red Slippers from the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. This film is an American musical classic that is adored by young and old. Starring a young Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale, the movie tells the tale of a young girl living on a farm in Kansas. When a tornado sweeps over the farm, Dorothy’s home is transported to the land of Oz. With the help of her companions, Toto, the scarecrow, lion and tin-man, Dorothy must follow the yellow brick road and ask the legendary Wizard of Oz to grant her wish of going back home to her Auntie Em and Uncle Henry in Kansas.

Jaws (1975)

Syfy Wire

A skinny dipping adventure becomes deadly for a woman vacationing in the New England town of Amity Island. To be sure there aren’t further shark related fatalities, Amity Island’s police chief, Martin Brody thinks it would be best to close the coastal towns beaches, however, the town’s mayor, Larry Vaughn fears that loss of tourist revenue will be detrimental to the community. Chief Brody teams up with marine biologist Matt Hooper and Captain Hooper to catch the killer shark once and for all in this epic Spielberg classic.

A Star is Born (1976)

Hollywood Reporter

Before Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper starred in their own rendition of the classic film, Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson starred in the original musical film. Streisand plays Ester Hoffman, a singer who is recognized at a club by troubled rockstar John Norman Howard. The duo falls in love, but soon, Esther’s fame overshadows John’s, resulting in a tragic downward spiral.

Grease (1978)


Tell me about it, stud! This musical classic has been an American icon since the seventies. Sandy Olson and Danny Zukko have a summer fling while on vacation, and the two part ways. Flash forward to the first day of classes at Rydell High, and Sandy (now an exchange student in the states) finds herself reunited with Danny, but will they be able to relive the glory of their romantic summer nights?

Annie (1982)


Annie is an orphan who’s rags literally turn to riches when she is taken under the wing of Oliver Warbucks, a wealthy socialite. Annie believes her birth parents left her at the orphanage on accident, and Mr. Warbucks promises to campaign to find them, offering a large reward. This attracts many wannabes, but in the end, Annie finds her forever family where she least expects it.

The Outsiders (1983)


You’re lying to yourself if you didn’t have a crush on all of these boys when you were younger. This 1983 film tells the tale of two cities…kinda. The “Greasers” and “Socials” are constantly at odds, and when a brawl results in the death of one of the “Socs,” Ponyboy and Johnnie go into hiding. Eventually fellow Greaser Dallas joins them, and the boys must fight the Socs once and for all.

The Breakfast Club (1985)

USA Today

This classic coming of age movie holds a special place in our hearts. Five students from different social circles all have detention, under the supervision of their egomaniac principal. Throughout the day spent together, they learn each-other’s life stories, struggles and create lasting friendships, despite coming from different cliques.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

ABC News

Bueller…Bueller…Ferris Bueller has an impressive history of cutting class and will go to dramatic measures to stay home from school. Graduation is near, and Ferris has every intention of creating the most epic skip day of all time. However, his principal will do anything to catch Ferris red-handed!

The Bodyguard (1992)

Radio Times

Whitney Houston made her acting debut in this classic 1992 film. The romantic thriller follows R&B star Rachel Marron, who has been tormented by an obsessed stalker. Her manager hires Frank, a former secret service agent to serve as her personal bodyguard. Initally the two are at odds, Frank and Rachel quickly become very close.

Clueless (1995)

Vanity Fair

Cher is a Beverly Hills teen that seems to have it all. She’s gorgeous, well dressed, and has a loaded wallet. Tai is the new girl in town, and Cher fixes her up to fit in in their high school, but Tai quickly becomes more popular than Cher, and she realizes that her priorities were never where they should have been, while also falling for her ex-stepbrother.

What’s your favorite throwback film?

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Add These 3 Books To Your Summer Bookshelf Right Now!




You can try and tell us otherwise, but we simply don’t think there is anything better than lounging beach or poolside, with a bev- we mean, book in hand! All jokes aside, there’s some thing incredibly relaxing about being able to escape to another reality with each word. And if you’re lucky enough, your reading sesh will be followed by a nap, and amazing tan.


Not sure what books you should add to your summer reading list? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered and have compiled a short (but sweet!) must-read list for Summer 2021. Whether you read on a tablet or love the feeling of flipping crisp white pages, run (or scroll) to your nearest bookstore, because you don’t want to miss out on these!

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Get Literary

In the mood for a love story? Seriously, you can’t go wrong with a romance when lounging at the beach! This novel by Colleen Hoover (a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author, may we add), should be at the top of your reading list this summer.

It Ends With Us tells the story of Lily, a young woman with roots in a small-town Maine, who relocates to city life in Boston. There, she meets Ryle, a neurosurgeon who has commitment issues but has a total soft spot for Lily. Quickly, she becomes the exception to his “no-dating rule,” and all is going well until Atlas, her first love suddenly comes back into the picture. This leaves Lily completely and utterly confused.

Who does she choose? Well, you’ll just have to read and find out!

The Good Sister: A Novel by Sally Hepworth


While we do love to fantacize and romanticize about our own lives while reading a good love story, we also can never seem to put down a good thriller! The Good Sister: A Novel has been a real hit from this genre, as of late, and for good reason!

The story tells the tale of family secrets the lengths that people will take to keep them hidden! Fern Castle is a librarian, who hates anything loud, bright, and any breaks in her routine can really throw her for a loop. She has a twin sister, Rose, who she shares dinner with several times a week. When Rose discovers that she cannot conceive a child, Fern sees the perfect opportunity to repay her sister for all that she’s done for her. All she needs to do is find a father. The process doesn’t come without hiccups, and of course, disruptions to Fern’s status quo. Along the way, she’ll discover family secrets and truly test the lengths at which family helps each other out.

Broken (In The Best Possible Way) by Jenny Lawson

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include a self-help/psychology book in this list! Really though, it’s 2021 folks, let’s start normalizing talking about mental health! This book by Jenny Lawson covers her struggles with mental health and depression, of course, while making us laugh with every page we turn! We’ll let Lawson tell you her story herself, but seriously guys, run! Don’t walk!

What are you planning on reading this summer?!

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Everyone, set your DVR’s, because this May, a new series will be premiering on HBO MAX. We think you’ll be hype to know that a “Friends” reboot has been in the works, and will finally be on the air this spring and summer!


We know what you’re thinking, and seriously, we can’t contain our excitement either! According to producers Steve Jansen and Melissa Banks, the series will be called, “Friends: The Final Chapter” and will feature members of the original cast, as well as some new faces.

It’s even been rumored that A-list celebrities like Sarah Hyland and Charlie Sheen will be making guest appearances. Fitting, because they are both NYC natives!


So what’s the show going to be about anyway?

We were wondering the same. In an exclusive interview, Banks said that the show is set to follow the modern-day lives of Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Ross after moving out of the big apple.

She said, “We think that bringing back the original cast for a reboot series will give fans of the show a sense of familiarity and comfort during such unprecedented times.”

To be honest, we couldn’t agree more!

To jog your memory, in the final episode of the show, which aired in 2004, the show tied up some loose ends in the storyline department. Ross and Rachel resumed their relationship, Monica and Chandler adopted a set of twins (Erica and Jack), and the crew hung out in Central Perk one last time before moving out of their apartments.


We are most excited to see what the iconic friends will be like in this reboot, and can’t wait to see the role that their fictional children play in the series. In case you forgot, in addition to Monica and Chandler’s adopted children, Ross and Rachel had a daughter named Emma in season 7.

If we did the math correctly, this would mean that the “Friends” kids are teens now, which should make for some pretty good comedy, especially if we get a glimpse of the family dynamics and parenting styles of the crew. Seriously though, think of Chandler and Ross as dads of teenage daughters…scary!

Regardless, we can’t wait to see what this series has in store.

According to Jansen, the first season will consist of ten 30 minute episodes. It’s not certain if a second season will be picked up, but we can only hope one will be.

Are you excited?!

Well, we hope that you didn’t get your hopes too high, because this is our way of saying…


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Where Are They Now: The Office Cast




Be honest, how many times have you re-watched NBC’s The Office? For us, it’s way too many to count. Seriously, the antics of Michael Scott and employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company never cease to make us die of laughter, no matter how many times we’ve seen each episode. Though the show ended in 2013, we’ve been wondering what the cast have been doing since then. We have done some pretty extensive research, and have all the answers.

Let’s get into it!


Steve Carrell

Los Angeles Times

Thinking back on it, if The Office was aired in 2021, Michael Scott would be cancelled. Steve Carrell literally killed his performance as the quirky branch manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. His Hollywood career really hasn’t slowed down too much since the show ended 8 years ago. He’s starred in many feature films. To name a few, Freeheld, The Big Short, and Despicable Me. He’s also been involved in some pretty dope charity work, including joining the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which pays bail for those who can’t afford it.

John Krasinski


You are lying to yourself if you don’t have a crush on John Krasinski, the handsome actor who played the role of Jim Halpert. He’s a dream! Krasinski has also made quite the name for himself following his role as Jim. In 2015, he co-starred in Aloha, alongside some pretty epic A-listers like Rachel McAdams and Bradley Cooper. More recently, he wrote and starred in A Quiet Place, with his gorgeous and talented wife, Emily Blunt. The two also welcomed daughters Hazel (7) and Violet (4) into the world since the show’s finale.

Jenna Fischer

The Office Analytics

We give major kudos to Jenna Fischer for being one of the most lovable and unproblematic women in Hollywood. She’s sweet as can be in real life, just like Pam! She’s kept things low-key since the show wrapped up, but has acted in a few plays, like Steve Martin’s Meteor Shower. In 2014, she had her second child with her husband, Lee Kirk. However, our favorite endeavor thus far since the show’s close is her podcast with co-star Angela Kinsey, Office Ladies.

Rainn Wilson


We think that anything that comes from Dwight Schrute’s mouth is absolutely hysterical. Rainn Wilson did a fantastic job in this role, it was truly made for him! Since the show ended, he’s had roles in The Smurfs: The Lost Village, and has been cast and even directed some Star Trek films. He’s also a huge advocate for climate change, and has even visited Greenland!

Angela Kinsey


Before there was “Karen,” there was Angela. Angela Kinsey is another celebrity that we think is so genuine, and down to earth. In 2015, Kinsey tied the knot with longtime beau, Josh Snyder who is a baker. So sweet! See what we did there? She starred in Netflix’s series, Haters Back Off, which a televsion show based off of YouTube personality, Miranda Sings. Check it out, it’s pretty funny! Of course, she co-hosts the Office Ladies podcast with Jenna Fischer. During each episode, the two choose an episode and talk about all of the “behind the scenes” secrets, sometimes accompanied by fellow Dunder Mifflin alums. We highly recommend this podcast, if you need a daily dose of feel-good nostalgia.

Mindy Kaling


First and foremost, can we just appreciate that Time Magazine named Mindy Kaling one of the most influential people of all time in 2013? She’s simply that good. After The Office, Kaling’s career continued to thrive, as she created Fox’s sitcom, The Mindy Project, and even voice acted in Disney films Wreck-It Ralph and Inside-Out. She has since had two children, a son, and a daughter. The most precious part of all, is that co-star BJ Novak is the godfather to both.

BJ Novak


We have mixed feelings about Ryan Howard, but we really do adore BJ Novak who truly killed the role. Since graduating fromThe Office, he’s had several acting gigs, including guest starring on BFF Mindy Kaling’s series, The Mindy Project. He even appeared on shows like Community and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Our favorite project, however, has to be his children’s book, The Book With No Pictures. To be honest, we think this guy is a total genius. He’s even hinted at running for mayor of Los Angeles!

Who’s your favorite character from The Office?

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