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The dangers of pyramid schemes in the beauty industry



We all know that family member or friend who is trying to sell you the next best beauty products. They signed up with a company to earn some extra cash, and now they want you to do the same. Perhaps this spikes your interest because the products seem great and you can use some supplemental income.

This form of selling is known as an MLM (multi-level marketing) business. Unfortunately, many MLM’s are illegal pyramid schemes and could lose you thousands of dollars.

Here are some tips to consider before joining an MLM.


1. Know the difference between a MLM vs a Pyramid Scheme

A MLM company relies on people to sell products/services directly. Unlike working at a retail store, you will sell directly to others. This can be done online, over the phone, or door to door sales. If the MLM is NOT a pyramid scheme, you will be paid strictly based on your sales without having to recruit new members.


Pyramid schemes seem similar, but have a few differences that can make them financially dangerous. If a company is trying to convince you to quit your job because you can get “rich” from selling their products HANG UP NOW! That may be true for an extremely small percent, but it is likely you are getting scammed. These companies base your income on how many people you can recruit, not what you can sell.

Many times these companies force you to invest hundreds to thousands of dollars in products before you even begin selling. You may also have to pay monthly fees regardless of how much you sold. This is how they trick you to funnel more money into the company.

More times than not, distributors fail at the nearly impossible requirements. They find themselves in a rat-race, unable to recruit enough people or sell their full inventory. And so it goes, the vicious cycle continues. The people at the top of the pyramid grow richer, while distributors struggle to make their return on investment.


Bottom Line: In pyramid schemes, it doesn’t matter how great you are at selling products. You can only make money if you get people to sign up as distributors.

2. Ask Questions and Do Your Research


The internet can be a very valuable tool. Before signing up for any MLM, make sure to do extensive research on the company. Type in keywords such as “scam”, “honest reviews”, and “lawsuits”. It may also be beneficial to find small-time bloggers who are willing to give truthful reviews on the companies products. Aside from the dangers of a pyramid scheme, you want to make sure these products do what they say.

Locating prior distributors can also be very helpful and give you clearer insight on what it’s like working for the MLM. If you find the right person, this individuals can give you the inside scoop and answer any concerns you may have.

Questions to ask a current/prior distributor of the company:

  • How long have you worked for the company?
  • What was your annual income last year?
  • How many hours a week do you dedicate to the business?
  • How many people have you recruited in the last month? Year?
  • What are your yearly expenses?

Listen, not all MLM are terrible. Some people find great profit and joy working for these companies. However, it is important to educate yourself and be aware of all concerns before signing up. Some risks come with great rewards, while others trick you into losing time and money.

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5 skin products that will keep you feeling fall vibes



Real Simple

From the delicious food to addicting scents (and 70 degree weather) it’s up for debate that Fall is the best season out of the year.


Here is a list of some of our favorite autumn scented products that will keep you feeling in the season!

1.) Cranberry lip gloss


Made in the USA and filled with protective ingredients, this lip balm will have you feeling moisturized and smelling great.

2.) Pumpkin scrub!


A little goes a long way with this Pumpkin scented scrub mask. Exfoliate dull skin, smooth wrinkles, and smell like one of falls favorite fruits.

3.) Smell like a warm autumn beverage!

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Pups deserve to dress up for the Holidays too! Check out these adorable Halloween costume ideas that will make your dog the best dressed trick-or-treater.

1.) Grandma Pooch$14.99

This Grandma Halloween costume is the happiness 2020 needs.

2.) Panda Pup$35.00

#CRYING! This panda costume is the cutest thing we have ever seen.

3.) Rex from Toy Story

Hot Topic/$21.59

Incorporate some Pixar into your dogs life and dress him/her up in your favorite Toy Story character!

4.) Princess Belle!


5.) Slice-o-Pup

Pet Costume Center/$14.82

What better way to dress your dog up for Halloween then a slice of America’s favorite food?

6.) Cup of corn!

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7.) Doggy Pennywise

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Horror meets cuteness in this Pennywise pup costume!

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Halloween makeup ideas inspired by Disney characters



It’s amazing how makeup can transform you into a different person, (even if they are a fictional character). Check out these jaw dropping Disney inspired “Halloween” looks.

1.) Sally from Nightmare Before Chritmas

Pop Sugar

One of the few looks that’s actually worth painting your entire face blue.

2.) Scar from Lion King


This makeup is so crazy detailed we almost feel like we are looking at Scar. That is to say if Scar were a beautiful woman with a killer blowout.

3.) Cruella Deville

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Um…can we take a second to appreciate the details of this Cruella’s eyelids? #Onpoint

4.) Alice in Wonderland

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Alice is that you? This look is on point! All that’s missing is her white rabbit companion.

5.) Princess Jasmine

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Don’t know how easy it is to replicate this hair but damn it looks good.

6.) Pinocchio


Lying never looked so good!

7.) Pocahontas

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We swear if Pocahontas came out of the screen, this is what she would look like IRL.

8.) Coco


Yes with those cheekbones!

9.) Disney Channel Vibes


Glitz, glam, Disney – #loveit!

10.) Sully From Monsters Inc

Dana Marie Artistry/Instagram

Even though Sully is a monster, this girl managed to find a way to glam him up.

11.) Genie from Aladdin


Remember when we said painting your face blue for Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas was worth it? Well this genie is worth painting your ENTIRE body blue.

12.) Evil Queen Snow White


This one is so amazing that it actually is a little scary.

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