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The Best Super Bowl Commercials to Watch Before the Big Game



Let’s be honest – most of us nowadays watch the Super Bowl to see the commercials. Yes, I’m sure the February 7th game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will nonetheless be exciting, but what I’m really looking forward to is seeing the best ads from some of the biggest named brands.

For over 40 years, companies have been emptying their pockets to air their most unforgettable commercials during the Super Bowl. This year, the price of a 30-second spot during the CBS broadcast cost a whopping $5.5 million dollars.

But before we sit down on the couch on Sunday with a bunch of appetizers surrounding us, let’s take a look back at some of the best commercials throughout the years.

5. Doritos: “Cool Ranch Dude” (2020)


Let’s start by talking about the one of the most recent advertisements: the 2020 Doritos commercial. This Western-inspired showdown between Lil Nas X and acting icon Sam Elliot was first aired during last year’s Super Bowl. Both men are determined to win the face-off for the ultimate prize: a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. This hilarious ad is also set to the Grammy-winning song, “Old Town Road,” one of the most popular songs during 2019. I can only imagine how many little kiddies were dancing along with Lil Nas X during the ad. Watch it here.

4. Always: “Like A Girl” (2015)


Always, a popular feminine care company, aired the empowering “Like A Girl” commercial during the 2015 Super Bowl. The ad focuses on young girls who recast the phrase “like a girl” into a powerful and uplifting message. The ad gathered worldwide praise for rethinking gender stereotypes and changing the conversation on what it means to run, throw, fight, and do anything “like a girl.” It went on to be viewed 80 million time across 150 countries. Watch it here.

3. McDonald’s: “The Showdown” (1993)


This 1993 Super Bowl commercial still generates buzz today for mustering two of the most beloved sporting figures of all time in a single ad. Featuring Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, the two basketball players play each other in a shooting contest to win a Big Mac. Not only did this fun ad became an instant hit, it also popularized the expression “nothing but net,” which is a commonly used phrase today. Watch it here

2. Budweiser: “Puppy Love” (2014)


Perhaps the cutest commercial of all time: the heartwarming story between a golden retriever puppy and a majestic Clydesdale horse. This Budweiser commercial was first aired during the 2014 Super Bowl, and people still can’t get enough of it. Set to the tune of “Let Her Go” by Passenger, the ad follows the unlikely friendship between two animals and the special bond they share. It became a huge success, quickly racking up millions of views online. Budweiser continues to kill the Super Bowl ad game, but this specific ad will always have a special place in my heart. Watch it here.

1. Apple: “1984” (1984)


Apple’s “1984” commercial is one of the most bizarre advertisements to date – yet it was also the first viral ad, paving the way for our favorite Super Bowl commercials down the road. This Ridley Scott-directed ad introduced the Macintosh computer in a very dystopian and authoritarian kind of way. With many eerie and creepy overtones from George Orwell’s 1984, this ad was aired by Apple only once (the 1984 Super Bowl) but was replayed on news channels worldwide for weeks following, and even contributed to the sale of around $150 million worth of Macintoshes in less than 3 months! Iconic, to say the least. Watch it here.

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4 Best Amazon Finds



Amazon is an all time favorite of ours because it is quick, easy, and affordable. Plus, not only is it convenient, but it also sells some pretty great products. We have found this month’s 4 best amazon finds that you have to add to your cart right now.

Let’s get to online shopping

Chill out anxiety relief essential oil roll-on

Photo from

Perfect for when you just need to ground yourself. This flower scented product is handcrafted and uses nine different essential oils. It has so many benefits and is helpful with releasing tension, calming emotions, balancing mind & body, and helping with sleep. It is great because it is easily accessible, so you can feel calm everywhere you go! Plus, 15% of your purchase is donated to the WorldWildlife Fund, a foundation that helps preserve plants and environments that contribute to the ingredients used in the roll-on oil. This is also vegan, non-toxic and cruelty free. This product sells for $14.

Urmust laptop stand and notebook holder

Photo from

The at-home office worker or the zoom university student needs this product. With over six colors to choose from, this unique product can help your work productivity and be a stylish new decoration! This stand allows your laptop to be on top of your notebook so you can have both in the same place and be organized. It is adjustable and works with laptops of all sizes. It’s aluminium alloy material is processed to be durable and allow ventilation. This means your laptop will not overheat and can safely stay on the stand. It is also foldable so you can transport or store it easily! This product sells between $20-$25 based on the color and size you choose!

Ley’s dog lick mat

Photo from

For the doggie that eats just a little bit too fast, this mat helps your dog eat slower, fight boredom, and has a calming effect for anxiety relief. The product is made out of BPA free food-grade silicone so it is easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator. Similar to a baby, dogs also get separation anxiety. This mat has been proved to help that feeling by providing a calming effect. Licking makes them less stressed and is a good distraction! Since it enhances your dogs saliva and slows down eating, it will help with acid reflux, bellyaches and indigestion. Also, it has oral health benefits because it helps take bacteria out of their mouths. Find the right size for your dog on Amazon! This product sells for $8.

Essence lash princess false lash effect mascara

Photo from

This is the IT mascara. Vegan, cruelty free and acknowledged by PETA, essence out did themselves with this product. The new waterproof formula has a voluminous effect similar to wearing false lashes or lash extensions. This is from the conic shape of the brush, which sculpts the individual lash to avoid clumping. It also lasts all day, so you can go about your day without any touch ups. Coconut oil, micellar water or gentle makeup remover will take the product off easily. This product sells for $5

Which products will you add to your shopping cart?

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Watermelon + Mustard = Your New Favorite Snack



Yes you read that right. Everyone knows of an unlikely food combination that works. Many interesting food pairs can be seen featured on social media sights such as Snapchats public story, #weirdfoodcombos. The trend of making food combinations that are unlikely has gained serious momentum over the years. Everyone wants to be a part of it including famous singer Lizzo, who recently posted a Tiktok of her trying the new watermelon and mustard trend

Let’s see what the hype is all about!

TikTok user @yayayayummy was the creator of this funky food combo. He drizzled Frenchs yellow mustard over the sweet fruit before taking a bite. The video took the social media platform by storm and eventually made its way to the “Good as Hell” singer, Lizzo, who made her own video about it.

Though the original uses Frenchs yellow mustard, Lizzo used Heinz. She starts the video by saying “Is it bussin or is it disgusting” before proceeding to take a bite of the snack. A look of confusion comes across her face as she states she “doesn’t understand.” The singer takes three more bites but never says her opinion on the combo. Though judging from her face, it doesn’t seem like Lizzo enjoyed.

So we found out for ourselves

Since everyone was invested in this snack, we had to try it. Though at first, we were hesitant to give this a go. After all, it is mustard on a watermelon. Partly excited and partly nervous, we grabbed a miniature watermelon and some French’s mustard from the store and prepared the snack the same way as the original video.

One bite, everyone knows the rules!

The first initial bite is tangy and the mustard flavor is very prominent. However, the taste is quickly replaced by the sweetness of the watermelon. The combination is both juicy and creamy and is definitely a taste that you’ll never forget and is pleasantly surprising!

We can see why people would love this. It may not be for everyone but if your a fan of sweet and sour combos, this is a must try! Overall, we would rate this combination a 6.5. We are looking forward to see what other food trends will be popular this summer!

Will you try the watermelon and mustard trend?

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The New It Couple, MGK and Meghan Fox



Machine Gun Kelly and Meghan Fox have taken the world’s hearts by storm. Here is everything you need to know about the iconic couple.

Let’s See Some Romance

Prior to Machine Gun Kelly, Meghan was married to Austin Green. After a few weeks of being separated, MGK and Fox began dating and have been together since.

The year-long relationship began when the couple met while filming the indie movie, Midnight in the SwitchGrass. When the movie production ceased due to coronavirus, the two seemed to be hanging out a lot in their own time. However, it wasn’t apparent they were a couple until the two were seen getting takeout together in California by paparazzi. The pictures circulated fast and fans questioned if Meghan was still married to Green. The next day was Fox’s birthday, and many took to social media to wish the star a happy birthday. One of these messages included a paragraph from Green that stated “Eventually butterflies get bored sitting on a flower for too long,” he wrote alongside a photo of a butterfly on a flower. “They start feeling smothered. It’s a great big world and they want to experience it.” Photographs of the two out without their wedding bands began to surface and fans were itching to find out more about the couple.

A few days went by and Austin eventually talked about the split on his podcast. He stated that while meghan was in Puerto Rico filming the movie, she called him and said she “realized when she was out of the country working alone that she felt more like herself and she loved herself better during that experience and she thinks that might be something worth trying for.” Obviously upset by the news, he said he was very respectful during her decision. On the podcast, he also talked about how he knew who MGK was but said they were only friends.

MGK eventually posted a music video for his song “Bloody Valentine” that featured Meghan being his girlfriend. In the video, there were lots of sexy scenes which caused more speculation that the two were dating.

After months of waiting, DailyMail published a photograph of the two kissing and holding hands after a night out at the bar in California. MGK later tweeted lyrics from his music video Bloody Valentine that talked about calling Meghan his girlfriend. The couple was officially public.

Since they have became public, fans have seen the couple kissing at the airport, getting matching manicures, going to dinner, promoting MGk Album ( which has lots of songs about Meghan on it,) on instagram and conducting interviews. On Entertainment Tonight, Meghan stated “ I knew right away that he was what I call a twin flame,Instead of a soul mate, a twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended into a high enough level that it can be split into two different bodies at the same time. So we’re actually two halves of the same soul, I think. And I said that to him almost immediately, because I felt it right away.” On Howard Stern, MGK told the host he “never knew what true love was like until he saw meghan.”

MGK and Fox both have children, and sources say it was very important for them to meet each other’s kids. Meghan has been co-parenting her 4 boys with Austin, while maintaining her new relationship. She has expressed that it can be a struggle, but that they want the kids to be okay. Machine Gun Kelly has been co-parenting since he first had his daughter at age 18.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that “An engagement could be in Megan Fox and MGK’s future and same with having kids together. MGK definitely wants both of those things, but Megan is a little hesitant right now. In the meantime, they are constantly laughing together and always have the best time.”

We are excited to see more from this couple in the future and are happy for the pair!

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