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Stylish Ways to Style the Latest Trends in Accessories



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All of us have definitely been shopping online more than we’d like to admit. Whether you’ve been buying athleisure pieces like leggings or sweat sets, or going out clothes you hope to wear once the pandemic ends, we could all use some accessories to spice up some of our favorite looks.


Whether you love to rock a fun pair of earrings, or live for layering some cute necklaces we all have those staple pieces that we can’t live without. Though we often think that our accessories complement our outfits, what if we created outfits that complemented our accessories?!


Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of the hottest trends in jewelry, and have included some super fashionable ways to style them!

Gold Hoops


In case you didn’t know, gold hoops are so in! Hoops are a classy way to add a little flare to just about any outfit. These Amazon hoops are literally all over TikTok, so naturally, we had to share them. We recommend getting a neutrally sized pair that can be worn with dressy and casual outfits alike. For an even chic-er look pair your hoops with a middle-parted low ponytail. 

Here’s how to style them!


Daily Mail

Hailey Bieber has quickly become one of fashion’s biggest trendsetters. She also is known for her signature hoop earrings. Here is a great example of a dressier outfit that complements gold hoops. Not only is it so cute, but you’ll definitely have all of these pieces laying around already!

You’ll need:

  • Leather jacket
  • Mock-neck sweater
  • Boyfriend jeans

To really make the earrings pop, part your hair in the middle and tie it back in a low pony tail!

Layered Necklaces


We all have that one necklace that we never take off. But sometimes, it’s nice to switch it up! One of the biggest trends in neck candy has been layered necklaces. Not to worry, you don’t have to buy the necklaces separately, many retailers sell them in sets that already coordinate perfectly!

Here’s how to style them!


Vici Collection

Black is an awesome way to make your gold accessories really stand out. This can be done easily by wearing a black turtleneck, or even a black crewneck for an even cozier look!



For the warmer months of spring and summer, you can go for a more festival inspired look by wearing a lower cut white shirt. Did someone say Coachella? If you want a more laid back and modest look, try a ribbed racerback tank like this one from Zara paired with a pair of shorts or joggers!

Baguette Bags


The days of carrying around large totes seem to be gone because baguette bags are in! These small shoulder bags are tiny and adorable, and a great for carrying around small essentials like wallets, chapstick, and of course, hand sanitizer!

Here’s how to style it!



This one is so simple but so trendy! Just grab your favorite crew neck, a trusty pair of jeans, and pair with some chunky sneakers like AirForce1s. This outfit is totally Instagram worthy!

Happy Accessorizing!

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Helpful Hair Tips and Tricks



Sometimes it can be hard to tame your mane. Whether you have thick or thin hair, sometimes it can be hard to choose between healthy hair and stylish hair. Air-drying is healthy but may not always look the best. No matter what your hair texture is, we are identifying seven different but common hair problems and providing you with tips and tricks to get your hair looking and feeling good!

Let’s get styling!

Common Problems
  • You constantly have to redo your ponytail
    • Whether your hair tie is worn out or your hair is thin, thick, heavy, dry or greasy, fixing this issue can be frustrating process. The best way to keep your ponytail stable by using a bungee hair tie like the one pictured below! Use a regular hair tie at first as a base but leave it loose. Then use the bungee hair tie around the ponytail and hook it together. This will keep your ponytail secure. Plus, the adjustable rope will guarantee you won’t have a headache.
  • You always buy shampoo and conditioner
    • It can be easy to run through a sweet-smelling shampoo and conditioner combo. try to only use around two teaspoons of shampoo and a quarter sized droplet of conditioner. This is all your hair needs to be hydrated, clean and healthy! It will also help preserve your products for longer.
  • Using conditioner regularly makes your hair greasy
    • Some oil-based conditioners can be a little too moisturizing, making your hair almost greasy. Using conditioner products that are water-based can help fight this problem. If you are having this problem, check out Briogeo superfood hair care.
  • Scalp sunburn
    • Scalp Sunburn is nothing to mess around with. Your hair typically protects your scalp from the sun. However, during hot summer months it may not be enough. Using products that protect your scalp are important to keep your head and hair healthy. If this is something you need, check out Sun Bum Scalp and Hair Mist Spf 30!
  • Your hair products have adjectives on the bottle
    • Most of the times, hair products use these adjectives as marketing strategies. While many products do not actually follow through with the expectations on the bottles, many natural products have scientific benefits that will! One of the best products that lives up to its potential is Innersense volumizing hair foam.
  • It takes FOREVER for your hair to dry naturally
    • If your hair has levels of high porosity, or soaks up a lot of moisture, it can be harder and take longer for your hair to naturally dry. Using an apple cider vinegar rinse after showering or a leave-in conditioner product should help your hair dry faster over time!
  • It grows at a slow pace
    • There is no direct way to have your hair grow in a weeks time, it will take time and patience. However there are various products and methods that are used to expedite the process. Taking supplements, such as collagen, stimulating your scalp with product scalp scrubs, and sleeping on a silk pillowcase to limit split-ends, will all help your hair grow at a fast rate! Some products are featured below.

Which hair tips will you try?

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Kylie Jenner’s New Baby Product Line



It is no secret that the young reality star is a hardworking entrepreneur. On top of running her makeup line “Kylie Cosmetics,” skincare company “Kylie Skin,” and being a mom, the 23- year old billionaire is now launching products for babies known as “Kylie Baby.”

Let’s see what Kylie Baby is all about

Inspired by her daughter Stormi, some products anticipated to be included in the line are skin moistures, bath products, strollers, cribs, furniture and clothing. She initially told the public about her new business on June 2 through the social media platform, Instagram. The post featured a picture of her daughter stormi in the bath tub and had the profile “Kylie Baby” tagged. While the account currently has no profile picture or posts, it already is verified and has 619K followers.

So far, the post has just been a bit of a tease. Though there has been lot’s of speculation that bath products will be the first to drop since the first picture was of Stormi in the bath – nothing has been confirmed. Since the post, fans have been blowing up the posts comments section. Many showing excitement for the launch and others talking about how cute Stormi is!

At the end of the day, we know that Kylie knows what she is doing and will definitely be selling some high-quality products. Her business Kylie Cosmetics launched in 2014 and reported $55 million in six weeks at Ulta. The company has been growing ever since and has even extended to skin care products under the name Kylie Skin. She highlights her products weekly on her YouTube channels King Kylie where she creates videos of her using the makeup to appeal to audiences. Some videos including doing her sisters makeup, friends makeup and her own.

More recently the star has posted drunk-makeup tutorials with her sister Kendall to promote the models new tequila 818 Tequila. The two sisters get ready for a night out together and use Kylie Cosmetic products too!

Overall, we are excited to hear more about the beauty moguls baby line plans. We hope that it is sooner than later and can not wait to get our hands on her products.


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Your Makeup Corrector Color Guide



Have you been looking into buying some makeup color corrector but aren’t sure what each color is meant for. Look no further! We understand the overwhelming feeling of walking into a store and being unsure of what you want. This is why we have created a color guide to help you find what you are looking for. Using a color corrector will help smooth your makeup and provide an even finish. Your makeup routine just got that much better.

Let’s take a look


The color vibrant and bright Daffodil is used to cover dark colors such as purple and blue. The yellow pigment covers bruises, veins, and dark under eye circles. Lighter complexions can also use this pigment as eyeshadow primer. Using lighter pigments for eyeshadow will help the shadows colors pop! When using this corrector, apply prior to other face makeups such as concealer or foundation.

A great daffodil color corrector to try:

NYX Professional Makeup HD photogenic undereye concealer wand. Great for medium coverage! Buy .11 oz for $6 at your local Target or online at

Tangerine & Sherbert

If you suffer from fatigue, these colors will change your life. Using pink pigmented color correctors will make you look energized and awake. They are great for olive skin tones because they add a dose of brightness. When apply these correctors, apply foundation first, then the pink based corrector

A great tangerine/ sherbet color corrector to try:

Morphe fluidity color correcting concealer. This product lasts for 16 hours and is only $10 on the Morphe website. Find a list of their ingredients at!


Purple undertones cover yellow toned areas on the face. Make sure to carefully apply this to the area, too much will cause dark tones instead. Apply this before or after your face makeup!

A great periwinkle color corrector to try:

KimChi Chic – TMC 23 lavender color corrector found online at for $14. Kim Chi says this product is more of a feature enhancer and to always remember the 4 C’s, conceal,cover, correct and contour!


Green based correctors focus on erasing red tones in the face. It is best used for covering acne, scars, rosacea and windburn. Apply this corrector before your other face products such as concealer or foundation.

A great mint color corrector to try:

Ulta beauty waterproof color correcting liquid concealer can be found at your local Ulta or The .08 oz bottle sells for $9.00 and comes with a free gift when purchased! Some key ingredients are aloe vera, chamomile, green tea and tea tree oil.


This corrector is perfect for dark complexions. It helps erase dark under eye circles and even out other discolorations. Apply this corrector before your other face products such as concealer or foundation.

A great salamander color corrector to try:

Ben Nye Mojave Adjuster can be found online at for $8.50. The .3 oz bottle yields about 50-200 applications based on how frequently you use it. Check out their website for a list of ingredients!

Which color corrector will you try?

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