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Last Minute Presents For Your Furry Friends



With only a few more days until Christmas, let the last-minute shopping frenzy begin! Shopping for our loved ones can be tough, especially when you have no idea what they would want. It can be easy to forget someone in this holiday madness – and sometimes that ends up being our furry friends.


We realize how stressful this year has been, so if you completely forgot about a gift for your pet, no need to worry! We all know how pets are part of the family so we’ve complied a list of the perfect last-minute presents to get your babies in time for the holidays. Trust me, your pet will thank you.

1. Outward Hound Feeder Slo Bowl


This is the perfect gift for a puppy that always inhales his dinner. The feeder slo-bowl features grooves which helps slow down your dog’s eating time by 10 times! It can even aid in common issues for quick eaters such as bloating, regurgitation and canine obesity. With a variety of shapes and colors, and only $11.99 on Amazon, this dog bowl is a must-have.

2. Sushi Cat Toys


Look at this happy kitty. These adorable sushi catnip toys are stuffed with certified organic catnip with a polyester fiber fill. Your cat will go crazy for these unique and eco-friendly toys, and you can choose from tuna, salmon, egg and shrimp. Each set includes 2 pieces of sushi for only $10.64 on Etsy. Show your fur baby how much you appreciate them with these cute catnip sushi!

3. Cat And Dog Cleaner


Do you have a dog or cat that gets chronic ear infections and trips to the vet are adding up? We are here to help! This Veterinary Flush Ear Cleaner is a gentle and effective formula that works wonders for yeast, infections, fungal infections, and war mites. Unlike other drops that may be too harsh for your furry friend, this solution doesn’t sting and makes flushing bacteria from your pet’s ears easier than ever. My dog is prone to getting ear fungal infections, and I’ve tried many products that just don’t seem to work until using this cleaner. Available for only $14.99 on Amazon.

4. PetFusion Ambush Interactive Cat Toy


Entertain your cat for hours with this electronic cat toy with rotating feather! This unique toy is perfect for satisfying your cat’s hunting needs by sending a feather popping out of one of its openings at random intervals. Basically, it’s a more fun and kitty version of Whack-A-Mole. This gift will keep your cat nimble, mentally stimulated, and overall happier! Only $22.95 on Amazon!

5. Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Kit


Okay, so this last gift might be more for owners but it’s an adorable gift nonetheless. Treasure your fur babies forever with this personalized keepsake ornament. It’s super easy to make! All you do is roll out this safe, non-toxic clay and press it into your pet’s paw to make an impression. This super durable material will dry in two-three days and won’t crack over time. And if you order right now, it will arrive before Christmas and you can add this beautiful DIY keepsake to your tree! (I’m buying two of these right now.) For only $17.45 on Amazon.

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