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How to prevent acne caused by face masks (aka ‘maskne’)



Mercy Health Blog

Before we dive into acne, let us make it clear that WEARING A MASK IS IMPORTANT!


Hot summer months can be a challenge for skin even without a global pandemic. Our pores clog up easily with sweat and dirt that usually results in acne. Now we have to throw a mask on our face everyday, which unfortunately seals all those nasty juices in. Sorry for the visual.


How does a face mask cause acne?

  • Irritation from the fabric: The material of the mask can often absorb our faces natural oils. This leads skin feeling dry and irritated. If you are washing your face masks with detergent or fabric softeners, these products can get stuck in the fabric and aggravate your skin. Look out for redness and dryness – these are the most common indicators of your skin being inflamed.
  • Constant rubbing: Certain masks can cause chafing due to the uncomfortable “rubbing” against your skin. This is why it is important to get a mask that fits your face without being too tight.
  • Clogging of pores: When your pores get clogged, pimples and cysts’ rise to the skin’s surface. The mask can unfortunately seal in a lot of moisture from your breath and heat. Aside from “normal” acne, some people are now experiencing a breakout called folliculitis. This happens when bacteria infects hair follicles. #yuck

How do I prevent this evil “maskne”?

  • Clean your damn face!: Sorry to be so harsh, but it’s very important to wash your face people. Make sure the wash you are using has clean ingredients that don’t cause any skin aggravation.
  • Apply a moisturizer that works for your skin: Certain skin types get extremely dry behind the mask. Applying a moisturizer that doesn’t irritate your face could be a great way to keep your face hydrated.
  • Wear less makeup: I think we can all agree that no make-up is better then a face full of acne. Skip the extra 20 minutes applying layers of make-up and let your skin breathe. This is just another layer of products that can potentially clog your pores. Besides, nobody is seeing your face behind the mask. #JustSaying
  • Use clean laundry detergent: If you have sensitive skin, you may want to think about switching your detergent to fragrance free. When directly on your face, these harsh chemicals can lead to breakouts, redness, and burning.

Hopefully these tips will help you get a “maskne” skin regimen down for a healthy glowing face!

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5 skin products that will keep you feeling fall vibes



Real Simple

From the delicious food to addicting scents (and 70 degree weather) it’s up for debate that Fall is the best season out of the year.


Here is a list of some of our favorite autumn scented products that will keep you feeling in the season!

1.) Cranberry lip gloss


Made in the USA and filled with protective ingredients, this lip balm will have you feeling moisturized and smelling great.

2.) Pumpkin scrub!


A little goes a long way with this Pumpkin scented scrub mask. Exfoliate dull skin, smooth wrinkles, and smell like one of falls favorite fruits.

3.) Smell like a warm autumn beverage!

Hempz Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice & Vanilla Chai Herbal Body Moisturizer/ $23 Ulta

4.) Pumpkin bath bomb


Enjoy a warm bath and watch this pumpkin dissolve into a river of fall colors!

5.) Autumn scented hand soap


Smells amazing and made with pure ingredients? What more can you ask for! With notes of Cardamom, Orange, Cinnamon Bark, Cacao this soap is the quintessential essence of Fall!

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Adorable Halloween costume ideas for your “fur baby”



Pups deserve to dress up for the Holidays too! Check out these adorable Halloween costume ideas that will make your dog the best dressed trick-or-treater.

1.) Grandma Pooch$14.99

This Grandma Halloween costume is the happiness 2020 needs.

2.) Panda Pup$35.00

#CRYING! This panda costume is the cutest thing we have ever seen.

3.) Rex from Toy Story

Hot Topic/$21.59

Incorporate some Pixar into your dogs life and dress him/her up in your favorite Toy Story character!

4.) Princess Belle!


5.) Slice-o-Pup

Pet Costume Center/$14.82

What better way to dress your dog up for Halloween then a slice of America’s favorite food?

6.) Cup of corn!

Party City/$16.99

This is so cute it almost hurts!

7.) Doggy Pennywise

Party City/$24.99

Horror meets cuteness in this Pennywise pup costume!

8.) Go Grease Lightning

Halloween Costumes/$19.99

For any Grease fans, this Pink Ladies jacket is the perfect Halloween ensamble for your pooch,

9.) Sushi puppy


Excuse me *WOOF* would you like some wasabi with your Sushi?

10.) Pup-o-ccino

Amazon/ $18.99

Look at this little sweet treat! Absolutely adorable.

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Halloween makeup ideas inspired by Disney characters



It’s amazing how makeup can transform you into a different person, (even if they are a fictional character). Check out these jaw dropping Disney inspired “Halloween” looks.

1.) Sally from Nightmare Before Chritmas

Pop Sugar

One of the few looks that’s actually worth painting your entire face blue.

2.) Scar from Lion King


This makeup is so crazy detailed we almost feel like we are looking at Scar. That is to say if Scar were a beautiful woman with a killer blowout.

3.) Cruella Deville

Pop Sugar

Um…can we take a second to appreciate the details of this Cruella’s eyelids? #Onpoint

4.) Alice in Wonderland

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Alice is that you? This look is on point! All that’s missing is her white rabbit companion.

5.) Princess Jasmine

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Don’t know how easy it is to replicate this hair but damn it looks good.

6.) Pinocchio


Lying never looked so good!

7.) Pocahontas

Inside The Magic

We swear if Pocahontas came out of the screen, this is what she would look like IRL.

8.) Coco


Yes with those cheekbones!

9.) Disney Channel Vibes


Glitz, glam, Disney – #loveit!

10.) Sully From Monsters Inc

Dana Marie Artistry/Instagram

Even though Sully is a monster, this girl managed to find a way to glam him up.

11.) Genie from Aladdin


Remember when we said painting your face blue for Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas was worth it? Well this genie is worth painting your ENTIRE body blue.

12.) Evil Queen Snow White


This one is so amazing that it actually is a little scary.

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