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How to prevent acne caused by face masks (aka ‘maskne’)



Mercy Health Blog

Before we dive into acne, let us make it clear that WEARING A MASK IS IMPORTANT!


Hot summer months can be a challenge for skin even without a global pandemic. Our pores clog up easily with sweat and dirt that usually results in acne. Now we have to throw a mask on our face everyday, which unfortunately seals all those nasty juices in. Sorry for the visual.


How does a face mask cause acne?

  • Irritation from the fabric: The material of the mask can often absorb our faces natural oils. This leads skin feeling dry and irritated. If you are washing your face masks with detergent or fabric softeners, these products can get stuck in the fabric and aggravate your skin. Look out for redness and dryness – these are the most common indicators of your skin being inflamed.
  • Constant rubbing: Certain masks can cause chafing due to the uncomfortable “rubbing” against your skin. This is why it is important to get a mask that fits your face without being too tight.
  • Clogging of pores: When your pores get clogged, pimples and cysts’ rise to the skin’s surface. The mask can unfortunately seal in a lot of moisture from your breath and heat. Aside from “normal” acne, some people are now experiencing a breakout called folliculitis. This happens when bacteria infects hair follicles. #yuck

How do I prevent this evil “maskne”?

  • Clean your damn face!: Sorry to be so harsh, but it’s very important to wash your face people. Make sure the wash you are using has clean ingredients that don’t cause any skin aggravation.
  • Apply a moisturizer that works for your skin: Certain skin types get extremely dry behind the mask. Applying a moisturizer that doesn’t irritate your face could be a great way to keep your face hydrated.
  • Wear less makeup: I think we can all agree that no make-up is better then a face full of acne. Skip the extra 20 minutes applying layers of make-up and let your skin breathe. This is just another layer of products that can potentially clog your pores. Besides, nobody is seeing your face behind the mask. #JustSaying
  • Use clean laundry detergent: If you have sensitive skin, you may want to think about switching your detergent to fragrance free. When directly on your face, these harsh chemicals can lead to breakouts, redness, and burning.

Hopefully these tips will help you get a “maskne” skin regimen down for a healthy glowing face!

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How to Spice Up Your Quarantine Uniform



Daily Mail

These days, the times we leave the house fully put together are few and far between. Most of us have adopted the quarantine uniform of loungewear and pajamas, and to be honest, we aren’t mad about it! Gone are the days of trying to squeeze into skinny jeans or wearing real bras. Thank God!


However, one of the best parts of getting dressed up pre-COVID was that sense of feeling polished and confident. With majority of us living in sweats and old T-shirts these days, that feeling might be gone. Fear no more because we have compiled some ways to add some pizzazz to your pajamas. Thank us later!


Luxurious Lingerie


Think about what you wore to bed last night. If you’re anything like us, it probably looked a lot like a baggy t-shirt and an old pair of underwear (TMI!). Anyway, lace sets are a great way to feel sexy and comfortable at bed time. Now that is a win-win! Since it is wintertime, there are also plenty of long sleeve silk pajama sets that are equally as cozy. BRB, buying ten of these, they are just so cute!


Makers Gonna Learn

We’ve all picked up a quarantine hobby. One of the hottest hobbies of them all throughout COVID has been crafting. The must-have crafting device of the pandemic has been the Cricut. And for good reason – this machine can do just about everything. Most popularly, it is used for designing amazing, customized t-shirts and sweatshirts. These creations are so fun to wear because they can say just about anything (like the one pictured above), and are great for giving people a good laugh. The best part is, that if you aren’t crafting your own, you’re probably supporting a small business by buying one.


Real Simple

We all have that one pair of sweatpants from high school that we still wear. For some of us, they’re a bright neon color with the words “LOVE PINK” across the butt or were spirit wear for the sports team we played on. Regardless, it’s likely that throughout quarantine, those sweats became a staple part of your wardrobe once again. Time for an update, sis. Joggers have been a hot loungewear item over the past several years. They are soft, stretchy, and all of the good things. Not to mention, they do a great job of accentuating your figure.

Matching Sets


Need we say more? Matching sets have been a hit throughout quarantine. Not only are the uber comfortable, but they give off that “put together” feeling, especially during a time when most of us don’t have it all together. But seriously, these sets are so amazing because they can be worn anywhere, and still be a statement. And, they are sold just about anywhere nowadays because they are just that popular right now. The best part? It never gets boring because they come in so many different materials, colors and patterns. Start collecting, ladies!


No loungewear look would be complete without a warm pair of slippers! It’s always a good idea to have a designated pair of shoes designated house wear only. Slippers prevent you from dirtying your floors or tracking in anything gross, which in turn will reduce time spent cleaning. Simple mathematics, people! But for real, if you are looking to invest in a good pair of slippers, Uggs are amazing because they aren’t just so comfy but they are also warm. If you’re on a budget like most of us, there are plenty of dupes that are equally as good from sites like Amazon (yay for two-day shipping)!

Happy Lounging!

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Stylish Ways to Style the Latest Trends in Accessories



Page Six

All of us have definitely been shopping online more than we’d like to admit. Whether you’ve been buying athleisure pieces like leggings or sweat sets, or going out clothes you hope to wear once the pandemic ends, we could all use some accessories to spice up some of our favorite looks.


Whether you love to rock a fun pair of earrings, or live for layering some cute necklaces we all have those staple pieces that we can’t live without. Though we often think that our accessories complement our outfits, what if we created outfits that complemented our accessories?!


Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of the hottest trends in jewelry, and have included some super fashionable ways to style them!

Gold Hoops


In case you didn’t know, gold hoops are so in! Hoops are a classy way to add a little flare to just about any outfit. These Amazon hoops are literally all over TikTok, so naturally, we had to share them. We recommend getting a neutrally sized pair that can be worn with dressy and casual outfits alike. For an even chic-er look pair your hoops with a middle-parted low ponytail. 

Here’s how to style them!


Daily Mail

Hailey Bieber has quickly become one of fashion’s biggest trendsetters. She also is known for her signature hoop earrings. Here is a great example of a dressier outfit that complements gold hoops. Not only is it so cute, but you’ll definitely have all of these pieces laying around already!

You’ll need:

  • Leather jacket
  • Mock-neck sweater
  • Boyfriend jeans

To really make the earrings pop, part your hair in the middle and tie it back in a low pony tail!

Layered Necklaces


We all have that one necklace that we never take off. But sometimes, it’s nice to switch it up! One of the biggest trends in neck candy has been layered necklaces. Not to worry, you don’t have to buy the necklaces separately, many retailers sell them in sets that already coordinate perfectly!

Here’s how to style them!


Vici Collection

Black is an awesome way to make your gold accessories really stand out. This can be done easily by wearing a black turtleneck, or even a black crewneck for an even cozier look!



For the warmer months of spring and summer, you can go for a more festival inspired look by wearing a lower cut white shirt. Did someone say Coachella? If you want a more laid back and modest look, try a ribbed racerback tank like this one from Zara paired with a pair of shorts or joggers!

Baguette Bags


The days of carrying around large totes seem to be gone because baguette bags are in! These small shoulder bags are tiny and adorable, and a great for carrying around small essentials like wallets, chapstick, and of course, hand sanitizer!

Here’s how to style it!



This one is so simple but so trendy! Just grab your favorite crew neck, a trusty pair of jeans, and pair with some chunky sneakers like AirForce1s. This outfit is totally Instagram worthy!

Happy Accessorizing!

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Fashion Trends Through The Decades



Thankfully, 2020 is just a few short days away from ending. Buh, bye! That means we already have one year down in the decades of 2020s, and what a ride it’s been already. So far, the major trends of the 2020s have been personal protective equipment and loungewear. But remember how fashionable life was before? We’re about to take a trip down memory lane and explore some of the best trends in fashion over the past 12 decades.



Style Matters

Modesty was key in the early twentieth century. A highlight of the 1900s were the elegant “Gibson Girl” dresses. These dresses were beautifully embellished with intricate details like floral accents and lace. Often these dresses were paired with hats and gloves.


Fashion Through the Decades

With the start of World War I, there was an evident shift in the fashion trends of the 1910s. The trends of the 1910s showed a lesser influence on the styles of the royal or upper classes, and a greater appreciation for everyday civilians. This can be seen in the decline of “S” shaped garments like the “Gibson Girl” dresses and more natural shaping to clothes.


Catwalk Yourself

Cue the swing music! The 1920’s are known for being the “Roaring 20’s.” The people of the 1920s loved to party, and how could we blame them? They went through a pandemic as well-the Spanish Flu, which took the lives of more than 50 million. The 1920s emphasized simplicity in fashion, which can be exemplified by the iconic flapper dress, formally known as “la garçonne.” Even more iconic, Coco Chanel rose to fame during this decade!


Men’s Fashion – Love To Know

The 1930s were defined by midi dresses and Oxford shoes! Midi dresss came in a variety of fun prints like floral and polka dotted, and were almost always paired with dainty art deco inspired or pearl earrings. Gloves were still paired with outfits, though they eventually began to phase out.


Rebels Market

Now entering the age of Charlie Chaplin and the Slinky! Though the 1940s were filled with the struggles associated with World War II, women were still expected to look prim and proper at all times. Trends of this decade included everything plaid, as pictured above. However, the most desirable look of them all was the hourglass figure. Skirts and pants alike were designed to give women the highly sought after trait. Women also wore shoulder pads and were often caught wearing bright red lips!


Vintage Clothing Online – 1950s Glam

How scandalous! In the 1950s, women’s fashion got a little less modest and a little more revealing as skirts began to hit just above the knee! Women in the 1950s were almost always seen wearing cinched skirts, and cropped sweaters and cardigans. Just picture the Pink Ladies from the hit movie Grease!


Lisa Hughes

Jackie Kennedy truly embodied what fashion was in the 1960s. For many women during the 1960s, wardrobes were comprised of brightly colored shift dresses that were often paired with low heels or flats. For those that wanted to ditch the dress, necked button-up shirts were accompanied by slim fit pants. More eclectic fashion choices are best exemplified by the Go-Go-Girls.



You could say that fashion was hip in the 1970s! Twas the era of the Brady Bunch and Saturday Night Fever. Fashion trends that were “stayin’ alive” included flare legged pants, collared shirts and track suits! Popular prints included plaid and stripes. Women still favored bright colors, and accessories like pearl necklaces often added a preppy touch to outfits.



Fashion in the 1980s was totally tubular, so it makes sense that many of the trends of the 80s have been making a comeback recently. Women in the 80s loved big hair, and staple pieces like biker shorts, that were often paired with crop tops or oversized jackets and crewnecks. But of course, no outfit in the 80s would be complete without leg warmers and some chunky neon bracelets!


Fashion and Lifestyle Trends for Men and Women

The fashion of the 1990s was extremely complex, but one simple word defines it very well: grunge! Though grunge was only big for a portion of the nineties, it is still iconic and deserves all the recognition. Grunge styles of the decade were defined by staple pieces like oversized plaid flannel button ups and Doc Martens. Sound familiar? We thought so!


Entertainment Weekly

The 2000s were 20 years ago now. Crazy right! The 2000s were dominated by trends like low rise pants, Juicy Couture track suits, crazy layering and shoulder bags. Style icons of this decade include Paris Hilton and the Olsen twins? Want some more info on the fashion trends from this decade? Check out our article on it here!


Study Breaks Magazine

Though the 2010s are only just two years behind us, why not reflect on some of the pieces that redefined fashion as we know it? The 2010s gave rise to the skinny jean, which throughout the decade was paired with sweaters and even crop tops and body suits. Popular shoes included Converse and Toms, and major fashion icons included Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad.

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