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How To Celebrate a Pinterest-Worthy Galentines Day



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Can you believe it’s already February? We sure can’t! Cue the love songs because Valentine’s Day is just two short weeks away. But let’s be honest, not all of us are fortunate enough to have a Valentine to spend a romantic evening with. Don’t let that get in the way of being able to celebrate the month of love!


Galentine’s Day is on February 13 and is the perfect way to celebrate the women in your life that lift you up. This could mean your besties, your mom, or even your daughter. The best part is that it’s the perfect occasion to put up some decorations, make some cute pink snacks and pop a bottle of bubbly and just unwind with the girls!

Here’s some Galentine’s Day Inspiration


Put up a banner


Okay, but is it really a holiday without a banner hanging up somewhere? Not only is this cute to put on a mantelpiece or wall, it makes the perfect photo backdrop. If you are celebrating Galentine’s Day (safely) in-person, get yourself all dolled up and strike a pose with your girls. If you’re celebrating virtually (via Zoom), this makes a perfectly festive background.

If you’re really feeling extra, spice it up with some dangling string garlands, like these hearts from Amazon.

Floral Notes

Fleur Box

For an extra pop of color at your gathering, floral arrangements are always key. Though flowers can be be beautiful, they can be expensive. Here’s a DIY alternative to the popular (and pricey) rose box trend. This craft is also a fun activity to do with your gal pals!

What You Will Need

  • A pretty box of your choice (can be purchased at your local craft or dollar store)
  • Styrofoam board
  • Faux roses
  • Wire cutting scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon

What You’ll Need To Do

  • Cut your styrofoam board into pieces that will fit in the box. Place the board in the box to ensure that *most* of the surface area is covered.
  • Cut your faux flowers using the wire cutting scissors to a size that is slightly more than the height of the box.
  • Stick your roses into the styrofoam, and fill until the box is completely filled with roses. If it needs more enforcement, use hot glue or add a layer to the board.
  • Using hot glue and the ribbon, tie a bow around the box.



Party Rental Ltd.

Of course, no occasion would be complete without a drink in hand, so here is a pink cocktail that is as pretty as it is delicious! If you need us, we’ll be drinking this all month long!

What You Will Need

For the syrup

  • 1/3 cup raspberries
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup sugar

For the cocktail

  • 1 bottle of your favorite bubbly

What You’ll Need To Do

  • In a saucepan, heat up your sugar, water, and berries to a boil. Then, on low heat, let the syrup simmer for about 10 minutes. Strain out the berries, and let them cool off.
  • In each glass of bubbly, add about two tablespoons of the syrup, and garnish with more berries!


A Pumpkin and a Princess

If you know us, you know how much we love a good charcuterie board. Here are some of our favorite things to put on a festive Galentine’s Day spread!

  • Trader Joe’s drops Gummy X’s and O’s
  • Trader Joe’s Mini Heart Cookies
  • M&M’s Cupid Mix
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Pink pastries like macaroons and cupcakes
  • Sweethearts candies
  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Jet-Puffed Strawberry Marshmallows



It’s always fun to play a fun game while sipping on a cocktail and having some appetizers. For the Girls is the best game to play with your besties on Galentine’s Day. The cards in this game have juicy “truth or dare” inspired questions, “most likely to” questions and raunchy “would you rather’s”. Needless to say, you’ll have some laughs if you break this game out.

Happy Galentine’s Day!

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What Is Your Love Language?



Knowing your love language can help you communicate in your relationships as well as finding potential partners. Your love language is the way you receive affirmations and love from others. There are 5 main love languages. Find out which one you are!

Let’s take a look

Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are any spoken or written words that confirm, support, uplift, and empathize with another person in a positive manner. If words of affirmation are important to you in a relationship, it’s because you believe words really matter and help you give a voice to how they feel inside. It is how you express yourself and communicate with your partner.In your opinion, communication is the number one factor that is important to a successful relationship. You find fulfillment through positive reinforcement and appreciation. This is what you need to have a strong bond with your partner.

Quality Time

Time with an individual can only last so long and every minute counts. If quality time is your love language, you understand this. This love language does not always have to do with the amount of time you are spending with your partner, rather the attention and quality of the time spent together. Even if you are together in the same space but you are not having a good time, you’re not adhering to your love language. It is the attention to you, your partner and your surroundings that truly enhance the concept of romance for you.

Receiving Gifts

It’s the little gifts in life that mean the most. Like when your partner passes a starbucks on the way to pick you up and surprises you with your favorite drink, or if you are walking on the beach and your partner finds a shell that they think you will like and gifts it to you. Receiving gifts does not always have to be elaborate. In fact, most times it means more when it is on the fly. If this is your love language you perceive these gifts as a way of knowing your partner was thinking about you and cares for you. Additionally, you love to give gifts as well to show your partner your thinking of them too!

Acts of Service

Acts of Service is a language that can best be described as doing something for your partner that you know they would like, such as filling up their gas, watering their plants, or cooking them a meal. When you give Acts of Service, you give up your time, which is one of the most valuable things. You are constantly actively doing things for your partner because you believe small sacrifices in a relationship show you care.

Physical Touch

Actions speak louder than words with this love language because you are all about physical affection. Physical touch does not always have to be in an intimate setting. Holding your partner’s hand in public, rubbing their back when they are upset or sitting next to them on the couch can go a long way. Scientifically speaking, touch and specifically cuddling, releases oxytocin which is the feel-good hormone that makes you feel like nothing can hurt you. So naturally, that is why getting a hug from the person you love is the best feeling in the entire world.

Which love language do you associate yourself with?

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Consider This Before Adopting A Furry Friend



Many people like to adopt rather than shop for a pet, but do not know 100% what goes into that commitment. Here are some important things to consider before adopting a new furry family member.


1. Do you have the time?

We all have hectic schedules but it is important to make sure we have the ability to take the time out of the day to care for our pets. Furry friends can not be ignored throughout the day because they need help fulfilling their basic needs. Pets require food, water, exercise, care, and
companionship every day. They also last years and will be a part of your family for a long time. This is one of the most important things to think about before adopting a new pet.

Photo from WordPress

2. Can you fulfill the financial obligation?

Yes, typically adopting a pet is cheaper than buying one from a breeder. However, this does not mean it is inexpensive by any means. Some care costs include licenses, training classes, veterinary care, grooming, toys, food, litter, and more. It is important to consider this prior to adopting a new pet because these expenses add up quickly.

Photo from WordPress

3. Is your house suitable for a pet?

Some rental communities don’t allow pets, others have restrictions on species, breed or size. A few allow pets but you have to pay a pet damage deposit or additional monthly rent. If you live in a rental, make sure you know the rules and restrictions before you bring a companion animal home. If you don’t live in a rental and own the house, make sure you have enough space for the pet. First off, it is important to consider the size of the pet. Additionally, some breeds require more space and exercise than others. It is important to research your breeds needs prior to adoption. That way, you know your new pet will be as happy as they can be!

Photo from wordpress

4. Are you prepared for accidents?

Let’s face it. Scratched-up furniture, accidents from animals who aren’t yet house-trained, fleas, pet hair, and unexpected medical emergencies are unfortunate but common aspects of pet ownership.Understanding that sometimes these things will happen is important prior to adopting a pet. While they are so cute and cuddly, and can be trained, they still are animals.

Photo from WordPress

5. Can your home life and lifestyle handle a new companion?

If you have kids under six years old, you might consider waiting a few years before you adopt a pet. Pet ownership requires children who are mature enough to be responsible. If you’re a student, in the military, or travel frequently as part of your work, waiting until you settle down is wise. Constant movement and travel can confuse the dog which will give them anxiety. Also, It is important to consider how adopting a new friend will change your personal lifestyle. You will want a breed that is complimentary to how you like to live your life. Are you a homebody? A runner? Have allergies? Like to go for walks? Have a lot of friends with animals? The answers to these and other lifestyle questions will help you determine the most appropriate age, size,
temperament and more.

Photo from WordPress

We hope this helps you with your adoption process!

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Fun Etsy DIY Kits To Try



Whether it is a new at home project or a fun craft to do as a family, DIY kits really help form creative ideas into memorable pieces. Etsy is known for its arts and crafts environment and has a handful of amazing DIY kits to help get you started. We have found some of Etsys best DIY kits for you to try out!

Let’s get to crafting

Beginner Embroidery Kits

Photo by ZAZARITA on

Embroidery can be relaxing, creative and entertaining to do in your free time! Plus, knowing how to embroider can open up a world of possibilities. You can have an endless amount of unique and one of kind pieces! The possibilities are truly endless however, many people say getting started is very hard. Not anymore!! Etsy user ZAZARITA has beautiful beginner embroidery DIY kits to get you started on your creative journey. These sets are completely customizable with full instructions and tools necessary. Depending on the style and fabric of your choice, kits start at $8 and go to $80. You can choose from 40 different styles! This is a great hobby if you need help de-stressing at night, if you are relaxing on the beach or if you just have extra time on your hands!

Low-MaintenanceTerrarium/Moss Art Kits

Photo by NaturelyBox on

Terrariums and Moss art is great for the individual who wants to begin their at-home gardening journey. These kits are super low maintenance and easy to grow! They are great for households of all types but especially those in a city or area that has a lack of greenery. Bringing nature into your home can bring a sense of calamity to your life and to your home environment. Plus, these kits allow you to make completely customizable wall art. Picture above is a Moss box by NaturelyBox on Etsy. With three different sizes to choose from, it is easy to place this piece in an area of your home. These kits range from $30 to $50. Having plants in the house has never been easier!

Easy Macrame Kits

Photo by MotleyBliss on

Macrame is an art from that dates back to the 13th century. The art of knot-tying can be seen in fashion, interior design, crafting and more. Different knots and patterns can create designs throughout the threads. Macrame is a very soothing hobby to have and a super fun DIY kit to check out! This particular one happens to make a hanging rainbow and is made by MotleyBliss on Etsy. There are three sizes to choose from, ranging from $22 to $33. Though there are directions, the color threads you use and order of knot-tying is completely up to you! By the end of the experience you will have learned a new hobby and will have a beautiful new wall decoration!

Delicious Bubble Tea Kit

Photo by Kitsbyfoodcraft on

Everyone has been obsessing over delicious boba tea for awhile now, but it just got even better! Introducing a DIY at-home bubble tea kit! This box has everything you need to make delicious brown sugar flavored bubble tea right from the comfort of your own home. This product is made by Kitsbyfoodcraft, is $36 and comes with the choice of having paper straws or stainless straws in the box. Save this for a rainy day or become a boba tea master!

Which kit will you try first?

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