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Helpful Hair Tips and Tricks



Sometimes it can be hard to tame your mane. Whether you have thick or thin hair, sometimes it can be hard to choose between healthy hair and stylish hair. Air-drying is healthy but may not always look the best. No matter what your hair texture is, we are identifying seven different but common hair problems and providing you with tips and tricks to get your hair looking and feeling good!

Let’s get styling!

Common Problems
  • You constantly have to redo your ponytail
    • Whether your hair tie is worn out or your hair is thin, thick, heavy, dry or greasy, fixing this issue can be frustrating process. The best way to keep your ponytail stable by using a bungee hair tie like the one pictured below! Use a regular hair tie at first as a base but leave it loose. Then use the bungee hair tie around the ponytail and hook it together. This will keep your ponytail secure. Plus, the adjustable rope will guarantee you won’t have a headache.
  • You always buy shampoo and conditioner
    • It can be easy to run through a sweet-smelling shampoo and conditioner combo. try to only use around two teaspoons of shampoo and a quarter sized droplet of conditioner. This is all your hair needs to be hydrated, clean and healthy! It will also help preserve your products for longer.
  • Using conditioner regularly makes your hair greasy
    • Some oil-based conditioners can be a little too moisturizing, making your hair almost greasy. Using conditioner products that are water-based can help fight this problem. If you are having this problem, check out Briogeo superfood hair care.
  • Scalp sunburn
    • Scalp Sunburn is nothing to mess around with. Your hair typically protects your scalp from the sun. However, during hot summer months it may not be enough. Using products that protect your scalp are important to keep your head and hair healthy. If this is something you need, check out Sun Bum Scalp and Hair Mist Spf 30!
  • Your hair products have adjectives on the bottle
    • Most of the times, hair products use these adjectives as marketing strategies. While many products do not actually follow through with the expectations on the bottles, many natural products have scientific benefits that will! One of the best products that lives up to its potential is Innersense volumizing hair foam.
  • It takes FOREVER for your hair to dry naturally
    • If your hair has levels of high porosity, or soaks up a lot of moisture, it can be harder and take longer for your hair to naturally dry. Using an apple cider vinegar rinse after showering or a leave-in conditioner product should help your hair dry faster over time!
  • It grows at a slow pace
    • There is no direct way to have your hair grow in a weeks time, it will take time and patience. However there are various products and methods that are used to expedite the process. Taking supplements, such as collagen, stimulating your scalp with product scalp scrubs, and sleeping on a silk pillowcase to limit split-ends, will all help your hair grow at a fast rate! Some products are featured below.

Which hair tips will you try?

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