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For The Love of Hair, Put Down The Hot Tools!

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Blowdryers, curling irons, straighteners, how much more heat can our hair take?

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According to Discover Good Nutrition, human hair contains hydrogen bonds and keratin proteins. Heat styling tools strip the hair of its natural proteins and oils by breaking down the hydrogen bonds. This process can lead to brittle hair, excessive flyaways, hair loss, and permanent damage. #yikes

For many of us, it is difficult to quit the “hot tools”. They are convenient and often save the day from a hair disaster.

What can we do to keep our hair healthy without saying R.I.P to our straightener?

1. Nourish, replenish, it’s hair mask time!

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Hair gets thirsty too! Un-do the damage of hot tools with a leave-in hair mask that will have your locks feeling like butter. A hair mask is sinks deep into hair follicles, restoring hair to its healthiest state. (Think daily conditioner on steroids)

If you feel overwhelmed in choosing the perfect hair mask, don’t worry! A ripe avocado, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and a little honey is a great DIY recipe for the perfect hair mask without investing too much $$.

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Tip: Use a hair mask once a week for maintenance. If your hair needs some extra TLC, up your usage to 2-3 times weekly.

Double Tip: For a deeper condition, let the hair mask soak in overnight. We recommend using a shower cap to keep those pillow cases dry.

2. Take a vacation from the blow-dryer!

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Burning on-top of burning? No Bueno! Blow-drying hair is often unnecessary, especially if another hot tool is being used. By allowing our hair to air-dry, we eliminate 15+ minutes of heat damage. A simple favor for our hair that can go a long way.

Tip: Swap your morning shower to night time so your hair has plenty of time to dry!

3. Invest in Quality Hair Tools

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Sometimes quality is worth the investment. If you are somebody who is constantly using a hot tool, make sure you are purchasing a device that will protect your hair. Look out for straighteners with protective heat plates and reliable temperature control ( This goes for curling irons too). For those who NEED a blow-dryer, try to find one with an attachable nozzle. This piece can help evenly distribute heat and eliminate damage.

Tip: Try to purchase tools with ceramic plates as opposed to titanium. Ceramic hot tools tend to have a controlled temperature that won’t lead to damage. Calm down, lower the temperature and remember…most hair types don’t need the strength of titanium heat. #sorrynotsorry

4. Protect your tresses

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Applying a heat protectant product is often an overlooked step. Take the extra minute to apply a heat protectant that works for you. What is the benefit? These sprays work as a barrier between your hair and a hot tool, sealing in moisture and controlling untamed frizz.

Tip: Create a new habit! Spray your hair immediately after a shower and never forget to protect again.

Remember, the key to hair success is damage prevention. Hopefully these 4 simple tips help your locks reach their full healthy potential!

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