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Feeling Nostalgic? Check out these 90s Theme Swim Suits For a “Throwback” Summer

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While summer may be approaching the end, it’s never too late for a new bikini! Check out these 90’s themed swimwear pieces that will bring you back in time.

For The Nickelodeon Queens

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A timeless swim suit for the Nickelodeon obsessed! This “throwback” one piece is bright, fun, and sure to make any head turn.

Price: $60 on

For the Bikini Bottom Boy

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“Who lives in a pineapple”….do we have to finish the rest? If you’re apart of the SpongeBob fam, these trunks are a must!

Price: $16.99

For the “Dixie Cup” Couple

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What screams 90’s louder than a couple in the OG “Dixie Cup” pattern? Remanence in style on the next perfect beach day.

Price: Both are $59.99

For The Britney Obsessed

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All hail the Queen of Pop! Let’s be honest, we all need some Britney back in our lives! What better way to honor your favorite 90s superstar than a cute suit?

Price: (left) $20.22 (right) $29.99

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