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“Fall” into Fall: 5 Festive Activities During a Pandemic



Berks County Living

Fall is just around the corner, and COVID-19 is unfortunately still alive and thriving.


While we still need to protect ourselves from the virus, there is always room for fun + safe fall activities.

Here are a few ideas that will get you excited for the change of season! (even during a pandemic)

1.) Go to a winery


What’s better than 65 degrees and a glass of your favorite wine? Absolutely nothing? That’s what we thought! Almost every state has incredible vineyards that allow you to sample, tour, and spend the day. Don’t feel like finding a babysitter? Make it a family day! Some wineries are kid + dog friendly and even encourage you to bring food.

2.) Take a scenic hike


The hot summer months are gone, and it’s finally comfortable hiking weather! From a simple stroll to a more challenging work out, a hike is the perfect outdoor activity for a fall afternoon.

3.) Bake a pie from scratch


Nothing better then the smell of fresh pie! Instead of purchasing one from the store, pick your favorite in season fruit and bake a pie from scratch. If it seems like a challenge, just remember, IF YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH A PANDEMIC, YOU CAN FOLLOW A RECIPE!


4.) Pick + Carve Pumpkins


If this isn’t part of your fall tradition already, consider adding it to the list! Spend a day with loved ones (or yourself…no judgement) picking pumpkins and carving a custom piece.

TIP: Check out a YouTube tutorial on how to add a light bulb to your carving! It can be the perfect decor for your autumn stoop!

5.) Picnic in the park!


Pack your favorite fall lunch, grab a blanket, and hit the park! Picnics are a simple way to enjoy a weekend afternoon with friends and family. If it’s a slightly windy day, perhaps the kids want to bring a colorful kite to keep them amused.

TIP: Some parks have access to grills if you are looking to cook!

Stay healthy, cozy up, and enjoy the change of season!


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Adorable Halloween costume ideas for your “fur baby”



Pups deserve to dress up for the Holidays too! Check out these adorable Halloween costume ideas that will make your dog the best dressed trick-or-treater.

1.) Grandma Pooch$14.99

This Grandma Halloween costume is the happiness 2020 needs.

2.) Panda Pup$35.00

#CRYING! This panda costume is the cutest thing we have ever seen.

3.) Rex from Toy Story

Hot Topic/$21.59

Incorporate some Pixar into your dogs life and dress him/her up in your favorite Toy Story character!

4.) Princess Belle!


5.) Slice-o-Pup

Pet Costume Center/$14.82

What better way to dress your dog up for Halloween then a slice of America’s favorite food?

6.) Cup of corn!

Party City/$16.99

This is so cute it almost hurts!

7.) Doggy Pennywise

Party City/$24.99

Horror meets cuteness in this Pennywise pup costume!

8.) Go Grease Lightning

Halloween Costumes/$19.99

For any Grease fans, this Pink Ladies jacket is the perfect Halloween ensamble for your pooch,

9.) Sushi puppy


Excuse me *WOOF* would you like some wasabi with your Sushi?

10.) Pup-o-ccino

Amazon/ $18.99

Look at this little sweet treat! Absolutely adorable.

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Halloween makeup ideas inspired by Disney characters



It’s amazing how makeup can transform you into a different person, (even if they are a fictional character). Check out these jaw dropping Disney inspired “Halloween” looks.

1.) Sally from Nightmare Before Chritmas

Pop Sugar

One of the few looks that’s actually worth painting your entire face blue.

2.) Scar from Lion King


This makeup is so crazy detailed we almost feel like we are looking at Scar. That is to say if Scar were a beautiful woman with a killer blowout.

3.) Cruella Deville

Pop Sugar

Um…can we take a second to appreciate the details of this Cruella’s eyelids? #Onpoint

4.) Alice in Wonderland

Pop Sugar

Alice is that you? This look is on point! All that’s missing is her white rabbit companion.

5.) Princess Jasmine

Pop Sugar

Don’t know how easy it is to replicate this hair but damn it looks good.

6.) Pinocchio


Lying never looked so good!

7.) Pocahontas

Inside The Magic

We swear if Pocahontas came out of the screen, this is what she would look like IRL.

8.) Coco


Yes with those cheekbones!

9.) Disney Channel Vibes


Glitz, glam, Disney – #loveit!

10.) Sully From Monsters Inc

Dana Marie Artistry/Instagram

Even though Sully is a monster, this girl managed to find a way to glam him up.

11.) Genie from Aladdin


Remember when we said painting your face blue for Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas was worth it? Well this genie is worth painting your ENTIRE body blue.

12.) Evil Queen Snow White


This one is so amazing that it actually is a little scary.

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“Best Dressed” from the 2020 Billboard Music Awards



Entertainment Tonight

Last night aired the 2020 Billboard Music Awards and aside from no live studio audience, the show was awesome! Celebrities like Lizzo, Billie Eilish, and Kelly Clarkson, ( + several more) wound up performing/presenting IN person and let us just say…THEY LOOKED GOOD!

Christopher Polk/NBC

Here are some of our FAVORITE fashion looks from the evening

1.) Kelly Clarkson in a flowy gold get up

Rich Polk/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

2.) Alicia Keys looking like a actual snow goddess

Kevin Winter/BBMA2020/Getty Images

3.) Nicole Richie looking lacy and fierce

Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images for dcp

4.) Lizzo sending out an impotant message!

Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images for dcp

5.) Billie Eilish in ALL GREEN EVERY-THANG!

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