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Face Masks That Will Have You “LOLing”

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Photo Credit: etsy

In dark times, we need a little humor. Check out these face masks that will have you grinning ear to ear! (Not like anybody will see)

Photo Credit: IFC/giphy

A Mask for Every Feeling

Photo Credit: amazon

Keep your mood a secret with this “facial expression” mask bundle. Happy? Sad? Indifferent? You choose!

Where to Find: Amazon/$19.99 (7-pack)

Let Your Pet Block The Germs!

Photo Credit: bones&paws/etsy

Customize your face mask with a picture of your own fluffy friend! A cute and responsible way to bring your pet everywhere.

Where to Find: Etsy/$22.99

Tell off The “Karens”

Photo Credit: etsy

According to Urban Dictionary (and all of social media), a “Karen” is “the stereotypical name associated with a rude middle-aged woman”. Hey.. we didn’t make it up! Don’t worry about having a sneeze attack in the grocery store, this mask will hush those “Karen’s” right up.

Where to Find: Etsy/$10.99

For the Dark Humored Souls

Photo Credit: Redbubble

Well, these two masks definitely speak for themselves. #pandemicsarenotfun

Where to Find: RedBubble/Top ($12.49) Bottom ($13.53)

For the TV Bingers

Photo Credit: redbubble

Don’t lie, we know you re-binged TV classics during the quarantine. Why not take your favorite show to your face? If you’re a Friends lover or Parks and Recreation obsessed, these masks are a MUST.

Photo Credit: tumblr

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