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Everything You Need to Know About the Remaining “Bachelor” Contestants

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Ahhh, the glory of Bachelor Monday’s. There’s nothing quite like pouring yourself a (large) glass of bubbly and sipping along to the juicy dating show. This season, Matt James has made history by becoming the first African American to embark on the journey of finding love amongst a group of 40 women. You heard us right, FORTY.

Not to mention, Matt is an extremely eligible bachelor. Not only is the 29-year-old North Carolina native incredibly handsome, but he is a former professional football player, and is currently a successful real-estate broker who resides in New York City. Plus, he has a heart of gold. It’s no wonder that the contestants this year have become extremely competitive to win his heart!


Here’s everything you need to know about the remaining contestants!

Abigail Heringer


Abigail Heringer has been a fan favorite this season among viewers and the bachelor himself. Abigail received Matt’s first impression rose and for good reason! The 25-year-old Oregon native was born hard of hearing, and has worn cochlear implants since the young age of two! That has never stopped her from chasing her dreams. She graduated from Linfield College in 2017, and currently works as a financial manager. When she’s not working, she loves to spend time with her family and in the great outdoors.

Bri Springs


You may remember Bri Springs from her steamy hot tub date with Matt earlier this season. The 24-year-old is extremely accomplished for her age. She currently works for a top-secret technology company as a communications manager. To add to her already impressive resume, the young California native is very well-traveled and hopes to one day settle down in Hawaii.

Brittany Galvin


Brittany Galvin has definitely been at the center of some drama throughout this season. Brittany came to the show later in the season than many of the other contestants, and was the topic of some controversy due to accusations that she was an escort. Though she quickly shot down those rumors, the 23 year old from Chi-town is a model who dreams of traveling the world with the love of her life.

Chelsea Vaughn

The List

Chelsea Vaughn is a NYC native who is bold and beautiful! The 28 year old said goodbye to her 9-5 job and has immersed herself in the modeling world. She has only been in one relationship her whole life, but she is ready to give love another chance this season, and hopes to find it with Matt.

Jessenia Cruz


It seems that there’s nothing that Jessenia Cruz can’t do! The 28 year old is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, can speak two languages, and can rock a tiara while playing sports! Jessenia has a history of competing in beauty pageants, but is also a kick-a*s volleyball player. She currently works as a social media marketer.

Katie Thurston


Katie Thurston is definitely an outspoken contestant, but we are kinda here for it! She made jaws drop on the show when she flaunted an adult toy, but she didn’t let the criticism get to her! The thirty year old contestant works as a bank marketing manager, and it seems like she’s got her sh*t together! She lives in Seattle with her cat, Tommy. If all goes well for her this season, maybe Matt will be joining them!

Kit Keenan

Town + Country Magazine

Kit Keenan is proof that age is just a number! The 21 year old contestant is the daughter of the well known fashion designer, Cynthia Rowley. The youngster has admittedly never been in love, but the West Village “it-girl” is hoping to find it with Matt this season. She is currently a senior at New York University studying fashion and business.

MJ Snyder

The List

Meredith “MJ” Snyder is a hairstylist from Ohio who has high hopes of falling in love with Matt this season. Though she’s been unproblematic throughout her time on the show, her personality is bold and spunky. She is outspoken about her passion for doing hair, and has even said that she feels empowered by her profession and that she aims to make the world a more beautiful place!

Magi Tareke

TG Time

Magi Tareke is beautiful on the inside and outside! The thirty two year old was actually born and raised in Ethiopia before she came to the states to pursue a career in pharmacy! This chance at love is unique for Magi, as arranged marriages are not uncommon in Ethiopia. Magi has been described as kind and loyal. There’s truly nothing you can’t love about this woman!

Michelle Young

TV Overmind

Michelle Young came to the season later in the game with the second group of women, but that certainly has not stopped her from catching Matt’s eye. The 27 year old is a former Division I basketball player, who is currently a fifth grade teacher. The kindhearted newbie is looking for a partner who is her equal and supports her through anything and everything. Keep your eyes on this one, ladies!

Pieper James

Fame Shala

Pieper James has definitely been a more low-key contestant this season, but that may get her far in the game! The 23 year old is currently a graduate student, has masters in marketing. This smart cookie is also a model for well known companies like Nike.

Rachael Kirkconnell

TV Shows Ace

Rachael Kirkconnell has had her fair share of drama this season and has been under fire due to allegations of racist behavior and bullying. These allegations came to light after a TikTok went viral from a former classmate who said she was bullied by Kirkconnell for liking African-American men. This caused others to come forward and share similar experiences. Whether or not these stories are true, we will be watching Rachael closely this season, and hope she learned a valuable lesson!

Ryan Claytor


She’s got the moves like Jagger! Ryan Claytor is a professional dancer who hails from Brooklyn, New York. The 26 year old has admitted that she only wants to be married once in her life, so if things go well with Matt this season, they’ll be in it for the long haul together. She’s also said that she looks for a partner who is kind and emotionally intuitive.

Serena Chew

The List

Though Serena Chew attended San Jose State University to study Public Health, she has been employed by American Airlines since 2019 and is currently a flight attendant (similar to Bachelor alum, Lauren Bushnell-Lane). The 24 year old is a native of San Francisco, and is always down for a good time!

Serena Pitt


Last but certainly not least is Serena Pitt. The 23 year old is a publicist from Toronto, Canada. Like Matt, she too is biracial. Her mother is Indian and her father is white. According to her LinkedIn, she has been interning for a public relations company since August of 2020. She describes herself as “disciplined” and is ready to find her one true love!

Who is your top pick this season?

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