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Did Quarantine Save Your Nails? Tips For Safer At-Home Manicures

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Nails salons closed for months?! HOW CAN WE POSSIBLY GO ON! Clearly we survived, and guess what? Maybe quarantine was the vacation our nails were craving.

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The Downsides of a Salon Manicure

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1. Breaking The Bank!

On average a gel manicure costs $45-$100 (depending on the salon and additional nail work). Considering most people maintain their nails every two weeks, these numbers can add up quickly. If our calculation is correct, this puts you at an annual fee of $1080-$2400.

Solution? Buy your own gel polish and save your hard-earned money! O.P.I. gel color ranges from $10-$20 per bottle, making it super affordable. Better yet? Each bottle holds about 20 manicures worth of paint. You’re welcome.

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2. Harsh UV Lights

Although the FDA has labeled nail curing lamps “low risk”, studies have found that UV exposure can be quite harmful. Age spots, wrinkles, and even cancer are all potential risks from UV light.

Solution? Ditch the salon! Being at home, there’s no rush to dry. Take out a fan or layout in the breeze and let those nails absorb the natural air.

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3. Nail Damage

Gel polish, harsh glues, and a laundry list of chemicals could be the reason your nails look awful. Ever peel off a gel manicure on your own? Chances are your nails will appear to have a rough/flaky residue. The more paint and glue we apply and remove the more our nails peel and break.

Solution? Buy a pop-on manicure kit. Coming in all shapes and colors, pop-on nails are a great way to get a damage-free manicure in a matter of seconds. In the past, nail kits like these got a bad rep. Often “fake nails” had a short life span and were considered a waste of money. Luckily science has evolved and hundreds of new mani kits have emerged with long-lasting results. According to reviews, pop-on manicures can last 2-3 weeks on average! #SOLD

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Tips For the People Who Can’t Give Up the Salon:

  • Go to a salon that uses all Organic products
  • Make sure your nail tech is sterilizing all his/her tools
  • Bring your own polish to reduce the risk of germs
  • Give your nails time to breathe!
  • Ditch the tips and acrylics for a more natural manicure

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