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Awesome Halloween Gingerbread houses we wish we could recreate



Guess what? You don’t need to wait until Christmas to make a gingerbread house! Check out these awesome Halloween inspired gingerbread homes that will impress you with their spooky vibes!

1.) The screaming cottage!

Food Network

Not a detail is missed in this awesome spooky gingerbread house! Make sure to be careful before you get close, this house has hands!

2.) Cute meets spooky!

Hallmark Ideas and Inspirations

This adorable Halloween house is perfect for all ages and truly embodies the holiday spirit!

3.) The haunted cake

William Sonoma

Haunted Gingerbread house on a Halloween themed cake?!? Double trouble!

4.) Black and White stripe delight


This chic gingerbread home is perfect for anyone obsessed with decor. The pop of orange gives this gorgeous house just what it need to get in the spirit of Halloween.

5.) Welcome to candy corn lane


This is truly the most impressive gingerbread house we have ever seen! Neat, detailed, and a touch of “spook” – this masterpiece checks off all the boxes.

6.) The melting haunted house

Licorice International

Is it just us or does this house look the most delicious?

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Podcasts You Should Be Listening To




Think about all the times throughout the day that you listen to music. Whether you are listening to the radio while on your morning Starbucks run, getting your daily workout in, or browsing the aisles at the grocery store, there’s always music playing in the background.

But let’s be real. Some songs are just way too overplayed. Seriously, how many times a day can you listen to “The Middle” without going crazy. That’s why podcasts are a refreshing substitute for the radio or those Spotify playlists that always seem to be on a loop.


Podcasts are essentially pre-recorded talk shows that you can listen to on your phone, or just about any device these days. The best part about podcasts is that they can be extremely informative and entertaining at the same time! If you have an interest or passion, there is definitely a podcast for it.

During a time where we need an escape from the woes of the daily news and crummy music that has taken over the airwaves, podcasts are a fantastic option. We’ve compiled some of our favorites that you’ll be sure to love just as much as we do!


If you love true crime


Steven Barclay Agency

If you’re anything like us, you just can’t get enough of true crime shows. There have been plenty of these coming out on Netflix throughout quarantine and they are so addicting. Now, these short and suspenseful series can be available anywhere thanks to the power of podcasting. Serial, hosted by NPR’s Sara Koenig covers some crazy true crime stories. Each season, the podcast covers a different crime, and the story unfolds more during each episode until the finale. This one is a must-listen, and will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

If you are a fitness junky

Keeping It Real: Conversations with Jillian Michaels

Men’s Health

You may remember Jillian Michaels from the hit series, The Biggest Loser. Now, the beloved health and fitness coach is taking over with her new podcast, Keeping It Real. In this health and wellness podcast, Michaels aims to empower, inspire and motivate her listeners to achieve a better lifestyle in all aspects. Michaels covers topics like fitness, nutrition, and even parenting and relationships. The best part is that she does this through having some all-star guest hosts, like Suze Orman, Lisa Ling, and some well known medical professionals.

If you need a clearer mind this year

Self Care IRL

Love Brown Sugar

2020 really taught us all the importance of self-care. Whether you practice self-care in the form of getting a mani/pedi, by doing an at-home yoga video, or even taking a nap, we need to love ourselves more in these crazy times. Thankfully, the Self Care IRL podcast, hosted by Ty Alexander covers all things self-care, as she inspires listeners to create their best wellness experiences. Alexander talks about inner growth, the purpose of life, and becoming the highest version of ourselves, by sharing her own personal experiences. We are here for this one!

If you want to be inspired

Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

Quick and Dirty Tips

Okay, but how much do you really know about personal finance and all things money. You don’t have to have an MBA to be well versed in these topics! Thankfully, Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life makes it much easier to understand subjects like personal finance and investing. Hosted by Laura Adams, the podcast offers bite sized episodes that will inspire you to grow your bank account, all while teaching you some incredibly valuable lessons in finance! Where do we sign up?

If you just need a laugh

Call Her Daddy

Celebrity Net Worth

You’ll want to make sure you have headphones in for this one! Call Her Daddy may be one of the raunchiest podcasts out there, but if you are in need of a laugh (or some inspiration in the bedroom), Barstool’s hit podcast hosted by Alex Cooper is for you! The show covers topics about relationships and all things love-life through some of Cooper’s own crazy experiences! Famous guests include singers Miley Cyrus and Olivia O’Brien.

Happy Listening!

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4 On-Screen Couples Who Should Be Together IRL




We all have that favorite on-screen couple that we are just obsessed with. Many of us become emotionally attached to these relationships, and when they experience ups and downs (like we all do), we feel what they feel. They even help us romanticize our own relationships. Often, they seem like people we wouldn’t mind going on double dates with.


Some actors and actresses have undeniable on-screen chemistry, making these relationships seem legitimate. We’ve compiled a list of on-screen couples who should be together in real life. Let’s hop right in!


Jim and Pam Halpert


Jim and Pam Halpert stole the hearts of Americans on NBC’s hit sitcom, The Office. The Halperts are played by John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer respectively. The two’s on screen chemistry was apparent from the very beginning of the series, despite Pam being engaged to someone else. Fans were ecstatic when the pair finally got together in Season 4. The couple went on to get married and have two children, CeCe and Phillip. In real life, Krasinski is married to actress Emily Blunt, and Fischer is married to Lee Kirk. They have remained good pals since the show ended in March of 2013.

Chandler and Monica Bing

NBCU Photo Bank

Chandler and Monica Bing are from one of NBC’s and America’s most beloved and iconic TV shows: Friends. The Bings are played by Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox. This relationship is one of the best examples of falling for your brother’s best friend. Monica’s brother Ross is one of Chandler’s best friends. Throughout the series, Monica and Chandler were always flirtatious and had a close friendship. The pair got together in season five of the series. They went on to adopt twins, Erica and Jack. We love them so much!

Jackson and Ally Maine

Nikki Swift

The 2018 production, A Star is Born, is going to go down as an American musical classic. The movie stars Bradley Cooper along with Lady Gaga. The two play Jackson Maine, a rock star battling addiction, and Ally, a rising musical sensation. The two fall in love and as Ally’s career takes off, Jackson’s addiction worsens. However, Cooper and Gaga’s on-screen chemistry was so insane, fans were convinced that the two were actually in love. Ally’s loyalty to Jackson throughout the film is so admirable, we should all aspire to be like that in our own relationships! Not to mention, the soundtrack is amazing.

Marshall and Lily Eriksen

The Odyssey Online

Marshall and Lily Eriksen from How I Met Your Mother were played by Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan. “Marshmallow and Lily-pad” met in their college days and were together ever since. In the beginning of the series, the two had just gotten engaged. By the end, they already had a few kids. Regardless, the pair were incredibly, goofy and down to earth. Segel and Hannian’s dynamic on screen was incredible. In real life, Segel is actually a bachelor and stays quiet about his relationships. Hannigan is happily married to Alexis Denisof.


So, who’s your favorite on-screen couple?!

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Amazon’s Best Gadgets of 2020



It seems the real winner of 2020 was Amazon. With the company’s wealth growing $90 billion during the pandemic alone, it’s clear to see how reliant we were on online shopping this year.


Whether you’re curious about some of the best finds of this year or looking to buy a new gadget for the house, below is a list of our thoughts on the best Amazon gadgets for 2020.

Automatic Soap Dispenser


Nowadays we all go through soap and sanitizer faster than ever, making a touchless soap dispenser the great tool for any sink in your house. This hands-free gadget is the perfect addition, pumping out hand soap, sanitizer, disinfectant. This dispenser is a smart and sustainable product. I would recommend buying it for any student heading back to a college campus or apartment with communal bathrooms. Available for 35.99.

Tidy Cup Laundry and Fabric Softener Gadget


This Tidy Cup Laundry Gadget is a must-have for every household. We all know how ridiculously heavy these containers can be, so the addition of this device can finally solve the issue of breaking our backs to tilt these things over. The easy to assemble piece easily attaches to most detergent containers, preventing softener drips before they happen. If you’re looking for a way to support local businesses, this is the perfect opportunity. The creators of this product are a family owned business in the United States. Available for $15.00.

Soundance Laptop Stand


While most of this year was characterized with Zoom meetings and remote work, we have spent a tireless amount of hours hovering over the computer. By using this computer stand, our backs no longer have to suffer, and we can comfortable sit upright. This slim and compact stand elevates your laptop by 6 inches to a perfect eye level position, reducing neck and shoulder strain. It’s also a perfect way to keep your desk organized, by keeping office items such as a keyboard and mouse under the thin stand. Available for $29.99.

UV Light Sanitizer


You would be both surprised and disgusted with how much dirt, dust and bacteria collects on our phones everyday. Although we try to be hygienic, only washing our hands just doesn’t cut it anymore. This UVC light destroys harmful microorganisms and is compatible with smartphones, bluetooth earphones, watches, eyeglasses and more!  Available for $49.99.

Cup Cozy Deluxe Pillow


If you’re always clumsy like me, this pillow is a must! This deluxe pillow features cup holders that keep your drinks close and prevent spills on any surface. It fits almost any size or style of cup, and insulates your drink while you’re watching the Netflix show you’ve been binging (mine is Schitt’s Creek). This cozy pillow keeps all of your small items in one convenient spot, meaning no more losing the remote! Available for $32.99.

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