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Amazon’s Best Gadgets of 2020



It seems the real winner of 2020 was Amazon. With the company’s wealth growing $90 billion during the pandemic alone, it’s clear to see how reliant we were on online shopping this year.


Whether you’re curious about some of the best finds of this year or looking to buy a new gadget for the house, below is a list of our thoughts on the best Amazon gadgets for 2020.

Automatic Soap Dispenser


Nowadays we all go through soap and sanitizer faster than ever, making a touchless soap dispenser the great tool for any sink in your house. This hands-free gadget is the perfect addition, pumping out hand soap, sanitizer, disinfectant. This dispenser is a smart and sustainable product. I would recommend buying it for any student heading back to a college campus or apartment with communal bathrooms. Available for 35.99.

Tidy Cup Laundry and Fabric Softener Gadget


This Tidy Cup Laundry Gadget is a must-have for every household. We all know how ridiculously heavy these containers can be, so the addition of this device can finally solve the issue of breaking our backs to tilt these things over. The easy to assemble piece easily attaches to most detergent containers, preventing softener drips before they happen. If you’re looking for a way to support local businesses, this is the perfect opportunity. The creators of this product are a family owned business in the United States. Available for $15.00.

Soundance Laptop Stand


While most of this year was characterized with Zoom meetings and remote work, we have spent a tireless amount of hours hovering over the computer. By using this computer stand, our backs no longer have to suffer, and we can comfortable sit upright. This slim and compact stand elevates your laptop by 6 inches to a perfect eye level position, reducing neck and shoulder strain. It’s also a perfect way to keep your desk organized, by keeping office items such as a keyboard and mouse under the thin stand. Available for $29.99.

UV Light Sanitizer


You would be both surprised and disgusted with how much dirt, dust and bacteria collects on our phones everyday. Although we try to be hygienic, only washing our hands just doesn’t cut it anymore. This UVC light destroys harmful microorganisms and is compatible with smartphones, bluetooth earphones, watches, eyeglasses and more!  Available for $49.99.

Cup Cozy Deluxe Pillow


If you’re always clumsy like me, this pillow is a must! This deluxe pillow features cup holders that keep your drinks close and prevent spills on any surface. It fits almost any size or style of cup, and insulates your drink while you’re watching the Netflix show you’ve been binging (mine is Schitt’s Creek). This cozy pillow keeps all of your small items in one convenient spot, meaning no more losing the remote! Available for $32.99.

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