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Amazon’s Best Gadgets of 2020



It seems the real winner of 2020 was Amazon. With the company’s wealth growing $90 billion during the pandemic alone, it’s clear to see how reliant we were on online shopping this year.


Whether you’re curious about some of the best finds of this year or looking to buy a new gadget for the house, below is a list of our thoughts on the best Amazon gadgets for 2020.

Automatic Soap Dispenser


Nowadays we all go through soap and sanitizer faster than ever, making a touchless soap dispenser the great tool for any sink in your house. This hands-free gadget is the perfect addition, pumping out hand soap, sanitizer, disinfectant. This dispenser is a smart and sustainable product. I would recommend buying it for any student heading back to a college campus or apartment with communal bathrooms. Available for 35.99.

Tidy Cup Laundry and Fabric Softener Gadget


This Tidy Cup Laundry Gadget is a must-have for every household. We all know how ridiculously heavy these containers can be, so the addition of this device can finally solve the issue of breaking our backs to tilt these things over. The easy to assemble piece easily attaches to most detergent containers, preventing softener drips before they happen. If you’re looking for a way to support local businesses, this is the perfect opportunity. The creators of this product are a family owned business in the United States. Available for $15.00.

Soundance Laptop Stand


While most of this year was characterized with Zoom meetings and remote work, we have spent a tireless amount of hours hovering over the computer. By using this computer stand, our backs no longer have to suffer, and we can comfortable sit upright. This slim and compact stand elevates your laptop by 6 inches to a perfect eye level position, reducing neck and shoulder strain. It’s also a perfect way to keep your desk organized, by keeping office items such as a keyboard and mouse under the thin stand. Available for $29.99.

UV Light Sanitizer


You would be both surprised and disgusted with how much dirt, dust and bacteria collects on our phones everyday. Although we try to be hygienic, only washing our hands just doesn’t cut it anymore. This UVC light destroys harmful microorganisms and is compatible with smartphones, bluetooth earphones, watches, eyeglasses and more!  Available for $49.99.

Cup Cozy Deluxe Pillow


If you’re always clumsy like me, this pillow is a must! This deluxe pillow features cup holders that keep your drinks close and prevent spills on any surface. It fits almost any size or style of cup, and insulates your drink while you’re watching the Netflix show you’ve been binging (mine is Schitt’s Creek). This cozy pillow keeps all of your small items in one convenient spot, meaning no more losing the remote! Available for $32.99.

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This Bernie Sanders Meme Is Breaking the Internet



USA Today's FTW

No matter where you lie on the political spectrum, you can’t deny the fact that yesterday was not your average hump day. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were officially sworn in as the President and Vice President of the United States. This inauguration was historic in many facets. For starters, Vice President Harris is the first woman of African American and South Asian descent to serve in office. Talk about girl power! And of course, the ceremony was mostly virtual due to the circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic. But that didn’t prevent A-list stars and politicians from attending the event. To name a few, Lady Gaga, J Lo, and Garth Brooks.


Besides attention being on the newly inaugurated Prez and VP, Bernie Sanders has become a viral meme following his appearance at the event. Senator Sanders stuck out like a sore thumb during yesterday’s festivities. The 79-year-old politician attended the event looking casual as ever, in a brown winter jacket, matching mittens, slacks, and a blue medical mask. He even sat secluded from the crowds in his own folding chair. No lie, he looked less than thrilled to be there.


Here are some of the best memes that came from Sanders’ appearance yesterday.

Expectation vs. Reality


Remember the days of going out? How often did you get dressed up thinking you look totally amazing, and then you’d see pictures and think, “what the heck was I thinking?!” This meme totally embodies that feeling. But don’t worry Bernie, we think you killed it!

This Could’ve Been an E-mail!


One of the biggest wastes of time is being called to a meeting, just to be given information that could’ve been sent in a brief e-mail. Is this how Bernie felt yesterday?

Patience is Virtue


Oh, the things we would do to be back in the club taking shots (responsibly, of course), and dancing with our crew again. Until then, all we can do is wait. Wake us up when the pandemic ends!

Places to Be and People to See!

India Today

Bernie’s outfit yesterday was versatile to say the least. It’s like he had an inauguration to attend at 11 and a trip to the grocery store at 12! He’s a guy on the go and he has no time to waste!

Run, Forrest, Run!


Okay but seriously, just imagine the conversation that these two would have.

Stars: They’re Just Like Us!

Bored Panda

Something tells us Bernie didn’t pay that much for his inauguration fit. Place your bets, folks!

Nuts 4 Nuts


If you’ve ever been to New York City, you know exactly what this cart smells like.

So, what’s the best Bernie meme you’ve seen?

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“Friends” Cast: Where Are They Now?



Getty Images

Who knew on September 22, 1994 that one of the funniest, timeless and most popular sitcoms of all time would air when NBC first premiered the series Friends. Focusing on the lives of Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Chandler Bing, and Joey Tribbiani, we followed the cast through their hilarious antics and complicated love lives. 


Despite their 10 season run, fans still can’t get enough of this friend group and gossip about a possible reunion for the cast since the show ended in 2004. 

And luckily for us, HBO delivered. The streaming platform announced in 2020 that the iconic cast would reunite for an unscripted reunion special on HBO MAX. “Guess you could call this ‘The One Where They Get Back Together,’” HBO Max’s Chief Content Officer Kevin Reilly said in a statement.


Although it was set to launch in May, it was unfortunately pushed back due to the pandemic and the new release date is still up in the air. While we wait anxiously in anticipation for the reunion special, let’s recap to see what our favorite friend group has been up to since the hit show.

Jennifer Aniston


After Friends, Jennifer has starred in many bigtime roles such as Marley & Me (2008), He’s Just Not That Into You (2009), We’re The Millers (2013), and Netflix hit comedy Murder Mystery (2019). In 2019, she returned to television to serve as an executive producer on Apple TV Plus’ “The Morning Show,” which earned her a SAG Award. A second season of the drama series is currently on the way.

David Schwimmer


Believe it or not, Schwimmer is known to the younger generation as Melman the giraffe in the animated Madagascar films. He made his debut as a director in Run, Fat Boy, Run (2007), and had a recurring role on the “Will & Grace” revival. Schwimmer also starred as Robert Kardashian on “The People VS. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” (2016). Today, he currently stars on the sitcom “Intelligence,” a British television sitcom released on Peacock in 2020.

Courteney Cox


Post-Friends, Cox starred in her own show “Cougar Town” (2009-2015), which lasted six seasons (It began on ABS and concluded on TBS). She also appeared on “Shameless,” “Modern Family,” and “Drunk History.” She hosted and produced 9 months with Courteney Cox in 2019. She will reprise her role as Gale Weathers in the upcoming movie Scream 5.

Matthew Perry


Perry stole the hearts of the younger generation when he starred as Mike O’Donnell in the classic comedy 17 Again (2009).  He also appeared in TV series like “Mr Sunshine,” The Good Wife,” “Go On,” and “The Off Couple.” In November 2020, Perry got engaged to his girlfriend Molly Hurwitz.

Lisa Kudrow


After Friends, Kudrow appeared in movies like P.S. I Love You (2007), Hotel For Dogs (2009), Easy A (2010), and The Girl On The Train (2016). She landed parts on ABC’S series “Scandal” and voice acted for “BoJack Horseman.” Kudrow created and starred in the Showtime series, “Web Therapy,” which got nominated for a Primetime Emmy. In 2020, she landed a recurring role on Netflix’s Space Force with Steve Carell.

Matt LeBlanc 


After the sitcom, LaBlanc actually landed a spin-off series called “Joey”(2004-2006), which was cancelled after two seasons. Since then, he has focused on behind the scenes efforts, and co-produced the film The Prince (2006). He starred on the show “Episodes” from 2011 to 2017, and earned him a Golden Globe. LeBlanc also co-hosted Top Gear from 2016 to 2019.

They were on a break – but it will be over soon. Who else is excited for the Friends reunion special?

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6 90’s TV Sitcoms We All Miss




It might be hard to believe, but if we had a time machine, we would pack our bags and head straight to the nineties (so long as we could skip through all of the horrors the 2020s have brought thus far)! Seriously though, who doesn’t miss all the glory of the nineties: the hair, the fashion , the music? Truly simpler times. Most of all though, we miss the incredible TV shows that the nineties gave us. We’ve made a master list of all the ones we should all binge watch right now.


Full House

ABC News

You got it, dude! Full House aired on September 22, 1987 and has continued to be an American favorite ever since then. Danny Tanner (Bob Saget), a news anchor from San Francisco, California who is also newly widowed. Left to pick up the pieces and play the role of both mom and dad to his three young daughters, DJ (Candace Cameron), Stephanie (Jodie Sweeten), and Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen), Danny calls on his brother-in-law Jesse (John Stamos), and best friend Joey (Dave Coulier) to help raise the girls. Along the way, the guys teach the girls valuable life lessons without sparing any laughs or love along the way!


Games Radar

Pivot, pivot! Friends has remained an American pop-culture icon since it aired on NBC on September 22, 1994. The sitcom follows the lives of best friends Ross (David Schwimmer), Chandler (Matthew Perry), Joey (Matt Leblanc), Monica (Courteney Cox), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow). The bunch are always in good company as they spend their free time at the local cafe, Central Perk where they ofen meet to discuss the ups and downs of navigating their twenties in Manhattan. We need a reboot so bad!

Family Matters

Mental Floss

Did I do that? Family Matters aired on September 22, 1989 and was a hit for ten years (and it continues to be!). The sitcom follows the Winslow family from Chicago, Illinois. Family patriarch Carl (Reginald Vel Johnson) is a police officer who’s professional life is almost as hectic as his home life, as him and his wife Henrietta (Jo-Marie Peyton) are raising a family, and deal with a pesky neighbor, Steve Urkel (Jaleel White). Urkel has undoubtedly become one of the most memorable characters from the nineties, and we miss seeing him on the TV every day!

Step by Step


Step by Step quickly became the Brady Bunch of the 1990s. The show aired on September 20, 1991, and followed the blending of two families. Frank Lambert (Patrick Duffy) is recently divorced and his new wife Carol (Suzanne Somers) is a newly widowed hairstylist. The pair quickly fall in love and tie the knot, and must blend their two families since each of them has three children from their previous marriages! The show portrays the fun and games, as well as the hardships associated with blending families. The show ended in 1998, but you can still stream it on Hulu!

Boy Meets World

Laughing Place

Growing up can sure be hard, but lucky for Cory Matthews (Ben Savage), he has the help of his best friend Shawn (Rider Strong) and his forever crush, Topanga (Danielle Fishel). He also gets sage advice along the way from beloved teacher, Mr. Feeney (William Daniels). Boy Meets World aired on September 24, 1993, and followed young Cory through the challenges of maturing through his middle school and college years.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Independent

In West Philadelphia born and raised! The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air premiered on September 10, 1990 and starred Will Smith as himself in this hilarious sitcom. Will is told by his mother to pack his bags and leaves the urban streets of Philadelphia for a wealthier suburb of Bel-Air. There, he lives with his Aunt Vivian and Uncle Phil, and incessantly gets caught up in the antics of his cousins Carlton and Harry.

So, whats your favorite 90s show?

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