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A timeline of Demi Lovato’s Relationships



Oh Demi, sweet Demi. The 28-year-old starlet called it quits with finacè Max Ehrich a few weeks ago and has seemingly been doing “okay”.

Looking bright and cute on Instagram

Instagram/Demi Lovato

Sending positive body vibes!

Instagram/Demi Lovato

We LOVE a single Demi, but just for fun, let’s take a look down Lovato’s relationship memory lane.

1.) Trace Cyrus

New York Daily News

When Demi was 16 years old, 20 year-old Trace Cyrus starting publically flirting with the singer on Twitter. The two finally met up and started briefly dating before Trace went on tour with his band Metro Station. Shortly after, Lovato called it quits by subtweeting Trace.  “Now listen I think you and me have come to the end of our time.. What’d ya want some kind of reaction? Well, okay that’s fine.”

Just Jared

2.) Joe Jonas

Entertainment Tonight

Don’t get us wrong, we ADORE Sophie Turner…but Demi and Joe were f*cking cute! These Disney cuties started dating on the set of Camp Rock. In 2010, Lovato went on a world tour with the Jonas Brothers. Unfortunately, Joe and Demi split during that time.

“There are so many crazy rumors flying around today. I’d like to clear a few things up. First, Joe and I did split but it wasn’t over the phone. Things didn’t work out but we’ll remain friends. Secondly, I am NOT dating anybody already. Nothing is more important to me than the relationship I have with my fans. Just thought you guys should know this.

Demi Lovato twitter (2010)
E! Online

Shortly after, Demi Lovato checked herself into rehab for drug abuse and an eating disorder. Joe and Demi have luckily kept their respect for eachother alive throughout the years. In a 2016 interview with Access Hollywood, Joe spoke highly of Lovato and their journey as young stars in Hollywood.

“We’ve all gone through so much, good and bad, but we’ve watched each other through the sidelines or supported each other..”


3.)Wilmer Valderrama

Showbiz Cheat Sheet

They may have had a 13-year age difference, but these two were in love for a while. Wilmer and Demi began their five year relationship in 2011. At the time, Demi was 19 years old and That 70’s Show star Wilmer Valderrama was 32.

Demi has vocally thanked Wilmer for constantly being by her side throughout her rehab hardships. The pair broke up in 2016 and according to Demi it had nothing to do with falling out of love. When Lovato accidentally overdosed in 2016, Wilmer was the first to visit in the hospital.

According to E! ,Wilmer got engaged to Amanda Pacheco in January, and Demi was “happy for Wilmer if he’s happy. She always wants the best for him in life and is glad he has found love. They will always be friends and have a special place in each other’s hearts”.

4.) Niall Horan


AWWW Niall! This was a very brief 2012 relationship, BUT how cute? Unfortunately, Demi wasn’t ready to date after her split with Wilmer.

“Niall is a really awesome, sweet guy. But he’s not my boyfriend…I’m in a place right now where I really need to focus on myself. Obviously, I’m still going to like people—or love them—but I need to not be in a relationship for a while because I need to be OK with being alone, first. I’m really happy right now. I never thought it was possible to be happy because of how depressed I was my entire life. But I feel so incredible. It’s like living in a dream.”

Demi Lovato

Shortly after her split from Niall, Demi rekindled her love with Wilmer.

5.) Odell Beckham Jr.

Perez Hilton

It’s Summer 2016, and Demi Lovato is a single gal. Why not cozy up to football star Odell Beckham Jr.? This was a brief fling, but my GOD….what a good looking couple!

6.) Henry Levy


Many fans were concerned about this relationship because it happened almost immediately after Demi’s horrifying overdose. Henry Levy, founder of luxe streetwear label Enfants Riches Déprimé began dating Lovato New Years Eve of 2018. By March the couple split in order for Demi to maintain her path of sobriety.

7.) Austin Wilson

Seventeen Magazine

Are we getting MGK Megan Fox vibes from this picture? ANYWAY….! In 2019, Demi met model Austin Wilson who was also on the road to sobriety.

“Demi loves that they share the same values and are on the same page about their health and well-being. Demi thinks he is a good influence and a positive light to be around.”

e! news

The relationship ended a few months later due to the fact that Demi felt she still wasn’t ready for a relationship.

8.) Max Ehrich

Opelika Auburn News

We really had hope for this one! Could be due to the fact The Young and Restless star proposed to Lovato with a $1 Million ring. You know what they say, not even money can buy you true love. Based off Instagram you think they were the happiest couple in the world. Constantly posting romantic photos and videos leading up to a beautiful engagement. Two months later, they split. #Sigh


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Fox News

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wanda sykes, ellen degeneres show

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Christopher Polk/NBC

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Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images for dcp

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Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images for dcp

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