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7 unique cat breeds that are too cute for words




In a dog world, sometimes cats don’t get the credit they deserve.


Watch out unique puppy breeds, there are some pretty adorable kitties you are in competition with!


Check out these 7 unique cat breeds that will make you a feline lover (if you aren’t already)

1.) Snow Bengal

Bengal Cat

This cat is legit a mini snow leopard and we are IN LOVE! This combination of kitty is half Siamese and half bangal. What makes the Snow Bengal white may you ask? There is an albino gene that exists in the Siamese “gene pool” which gives this cat its beautiful snow colored fur.

2.) Rag Doll


AWW look at this gorgeous little floof! The Ragdoll is a cat breed that originated in the 1960s and has been thriving ever since. Known for its piercing blue eyes and docile personality, the Ragdoll is the perfect family cat.

3.)Devon Rex


A skinny cutie with tall ears – meet the Devon Rex. This English cat is hypoallergenic, good with “older” children, and is often used a therapy animal.

4.) The Exotic Shorthair


IS THIS IS NOT THE MOST ADORABLE GRUMPY FACE EVER?! The Exotic Shorthair is essentially the “short hair version” of a Persian cat who is friendly, social, and a great pet for any home.

5.) Teacup Persian


Oh…my….HUNNY! Those eyes are enough to make the coldest heart melt. This mini kitty is 3-8 pounds and has all the sweet attributes of a Persian cat (just fun sized).

6.) Munchkin


The Munchkin cat is essentially the Dachshund of cats. Known for their short stubby legs, these “new” kittens came about due to a genetic mutation in a litter of puppies. Even though this sounds like a sad thing, these warriors are not only adorable, they can live up to 15 years!

7.) Levkoy


Yes, this cat low key looks like an alien but…a sort of cute alien? In a Dr. Evil sort of way? ANYWAY. This hairless Ukrainian feline is a real sweetheart. Known for being laid back, playful, and highly affectionate the Levkoy personality makes up for it’s lack of hair.

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Consider This Before Adopting A Furry Friend



Many people like to adopt rather than shop for a pet, but do not know 100% what goes into that commitment. Here are some important things to consider before adopting a new furry family member.


1. Do you have the time?

We all have hectic schedules but it is important to make sure we have the ability to take the time out of the day to care for our pets. Furry friends can not be ignored throughout the day because they need help fulfilling their basic needs. Pets require food, water, exercise, care, and
companionship every day. They also last years and will be a part of your family for a long time. This is one of the most important things to think about before adopting a new pet.

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2. Can you fulfill the financial obligation?

Yes, typically adopting a pet is cheaper than buying one from a breeder. However, this does not mean it is inexpensive by any means. Some care costs include licenses, training classes, veterinary care, grooming, toys, food, litter, and more. It is important to consider this prior to adopting a new pet because these expenses add up quickly.

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3. Is your house suitable for a pet?

Some rental communities don’t allow pets, others have restrictions on species, breed or size. A few allow pets but you have to pay a pet damage deposit or additional monthly rent. If you live in a rental, make sure you know the rules and restrictions before you bring a companion animal home. If you don’t live in a rental and own the house, make sure you have enough space for the pet. First off, it is important to consider the size of the pet. Additionally, some breeds require more space and exercise than others. It is important to research your breeds needs prior to adoption. That way, you know your new pet will be as happy as they can be!

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4. Are you prepared for accidents?

Let’s face it. Scratched-up furniture, accidents from animals who aren’t yet house-trained, fleas, pet hair, and unexpected medical emergencies are unfortunate but common aspects of pet ownership.Understanding that sometimes these things will happen is important prior to adopting a pet. While they are so cute and cuddly, and can be trained, they still are animals.

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5. Can your home life and lifestyle handle a new companion?

If you have kids under six years old, you might consider waiting a few years before you adopt a pet. Pet ownership requires children who are mature enough to be responsible. If you’re a student, in the military, or travel frequently as part of your work, waiting until you settle down is wise. Constant movement and travel can confuse the dog which will give them anxiety. Also, It is important to consider how adopting a new friend will change your personal lifestyle. You will want a breed that is complimentary to how you like to live your life. Are you a homebody? A runner? Have allergies? Like to go for walks? Have a lot of friends with animals? The answers to these and other lifestyle questions will help you determine the most appropriate age, size,
temperament and more.

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We hope this helps you with your adoption process!

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Top 4 Dog Breeds For New Owners



Having a dog that fits into your lifestyle is very important. If you have never had a pet before and are interesting in adopting one, it is important to do your research. We have found the top dog breeds to adopt for beginner dog owners. The following dogs are easy to take care of and simple to add into your lifestyle.

Let’s get to it!

Shih Tzus

These dogs aren’t only adorable, they have a great personality to them. Their very funky dogs and can be surprisingly athletic. This is because their energy levels are around a medium. Their long coats can be a bit of a challenge and need to be regularly taken care of, but are easy to do with the help of a groomer. These dogs are also great for families and love being playful with kids. They are very alert and easily trained. These tiny love bugs are one of the smartest breeds of dogs around! Generally speaking, Shih Tzus weight around 9-16 pounds.

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These are some of the happiest, laid back, and life loving breeds. Since they are so laid-back they have a lower energy level but they still are playful and will definitely get the zumiez. Running can be hard due to the way their short legs and face are structured. Their cute wrinkly faces and short nose are adorable, but can cause serious health concerns. This means these dogs can be a bit more expensive to take care of since they need to go to the vet more often. Since a pugs coat is very short and thin, they need minimal grooming. Their intelligence is average and they can be trained easily. Generally speaking, these lovable pups will weight around 14-18 pounds.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This medium sized dog is one of the most joyful pups of them all. This pup can be the best of both worlds because they are great lap dogs but they also love a good walk. Their energy is on the lower side compared to other dogs, but they will still be playful with the whole family. Sadly, similar to the pug, the cocker spaniel suffers from health problems due to its smaller nose. It also requires regular grooming due to its longer coat. It has a very average intelligence but can be trained easily. These pups are usually around 13-18 pounds.

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One of the most ironic breeds you’ll ever meet. This pup was originally bred for racing however they are some of the laziest dogs around. Whippets are great if you live in an apartment because they are couch potatoes and love to snuggle on the couch all day. They are very lovable pups and will bring you lots of joy. Whippets can not be trusted off leash because they are so fast, it would be impossible to catch them. However, just because they enjoy a good short sprint, they won’t be able to run for long because they do not have a lot of endurance. Their coats are very short and often need jackets in the winter time. They also have average intelligence and can be trained fairly easily with the help of a dog trainer. They will usually weigh around 25-40 pounds

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#Adopt Don’t Shop

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Healthy Treats Your Furry Friend Can’t Resist



We all know the feeling when your eating at the table and your furry friend comes along looking for a spoonful of your dinner. It can be hard to say no to our pets, especially when they give us those “puppy dog” eyes. Of course, trainers always advise saying no to giving in. However, for those times that you just want to give them something sweet, there are treats better than others. We have found healthy treats for your furry friends to ensure their health and happiness.

Snack time!

For dogs…

American Journey


Healthy and affordable, American Journeys oven baked country biscuits are made with lamb. The biscuits are grain, wheat, corn and soy free, making it a perfect treat for the puppy with food allergies. The ingredients are simple. Lamb, peas, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, chicken fat, cane molasses, carrots, pumpkins, blueberries, apples, and rosemary exact. Clearly, this treat has the nutrients your dog needs to be healthy! American Journey advises only using the product as treats and not meal supplements, though you can give your pup up to 5 times a day. Find this product at

For cats…



Greenies are known for their oral health benefits by cleaning your pets teeth, reducing tartar and freshening their breath. On top of this, they also are packed with vitamins and minerals that are great for your cat, especially adult feline. Cat Greenies come in oven roasted chicken,savory salmon and tempting tuna, tasts your feline can’t resist! Greenies contain no artificial flavoring and p are less than 2 calories per treat. The product also comes in various sizes, starting from 2.1 oz – 21 oz. Affordable and easy to find, grab this product at or at your local pet store!

For bunnies…



Treats bought in a pet store are not necessarily the best for bunnies health. A bunnies digestive system is very different than other pets or humans. However, bunnies typically tend to have a sweet tooth. If you are looking to treat your bunny every so often from their balanced diet of hay, we recommend one of the healthiest options being dandelions. Dandelions are sweeter than hay and can be mixed in with their food! They are delicious and always go down well. You can find free dandelions in your backyard during the spring, at your local nursery for $2 or online at If you prefer to order from Chewy, we suggest dandelions made by “Naturals by Rosewood,” which are $7!

For Ferrets…

Marshall Pet Products


Ferrets love treats! Marshall Pet Products makes a line of ferret treats, known as Bandit, that are nutritious and delicious for your furry friend! The premium treat comes in flavors such as banana, peanut butter, chicken, bacon and raisin. Soft and chewy, this high protein treat is guaranteed to have your ferret rolling on his back for more. Find this product at your local PetCo or at

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