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5 underrated cities in the USA



Although it may not be the best time to travel, there are several underrated cities in the US that deserve more visiting. Once COVID-19 dies down (please die COVID), make sure to check out some of America’s hidden gems.

1.) Providence, Rhode Island


Providence is the perfect city to visit for anyone who loves arts, great food, and unique shops. It’s “quaint” New England vibe meets modern culture, making Rhode Island a one of a kind state.

What to see:

1.) Newport Cliff Walk : A 3.5 mile walk (if you do the whole thing) that takes you along a scenic path. Views of the water surround you on one side, and mansions on the other. These massive estates are from the Gilded Age and are truly quite the site to see. If you want to take a look inside, most of these famous homes are open for tours.

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2.) Westminster Street: This is a great area to take a stroll! The streets are filled with art galleries, shops, and an incredible food scene.

2.) Salem, Oregon


If you are a lover of flowers and wine, Salem Oregon is the perfect destination for you. Known for their gorgeous gardens and nurseries, florist enthusiasts can enjoy taking a stroll just about anywhere in Salem. In the mood for wine? No problem! Salem has more than 700 wineries in the region! YES, I SAID 700! This city is also great for hiking and spectacular views.

What to See:

1.) Wooden Shoe Tulip Park: In April, the Wood Shoe Tulip Park is fully in bloom. There’s no words to describe just how breathtaking this is, so we’ll just show you.


2.) One Love Cellars: This vineyard is filled with extra love! A mother & daughter owned and operated winery, One Love Cellars is the perfect day trip for any wine devotee. Located on 16 acres of land, there is so much to do while “sipping” on the grounds of One Love Cellars.

3.) Knoxville, Tennessee


When people think about traveling to Tennessee, Nashville is usually the first city that comes to mind. Yes, Nashville is a great city, but it is often packed with tourists. Go about 180 miles east and you will find Knoxville, Tennessee. Branded as “Austin without the hype,” this laid back town is filled with great bars, delicious restaurants, and a stellar music scene. There is also a abundant amount of hiking trails if you are interested in incorporating some nature to the trip.

What to see:

Market Square: Want the best bars and restaurants around Knoxville? Make sure to get to Market Square. You may also check out some live entertainment, pop-up farmers markets, and tons of shopping!

Urban Wilderness: Over 50 miles of trails, the Urban Wilderness is the ideal spot for any lover of the outdoors.

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4.)Portland, Maine

Topside Inn

Debatably the most “happening” city for foodies, Portland is the perfect location to satisfy any palate. Beer enthusiast? Book your trip now! Portland is known for its never ending list of microbreweries and pubs. If you love lighthouses, Portland has magnificent trails along the coastline that lead you too these spectacular beacons.

What to see:

Bud Light Park: Take a stroll and enjoy the scenery! With skyline views spanning over 9 acres of land, this park is a must see.

City of South Portland

Allagash Brewery: Take a tour or sit at the bar, Allagash Brewery is a hot spot for beer connoisseurs. Hold off on lunch before visiting the brewery – there is PLENTY of delicious Portland style food being served.

5.)Flagstaff, Arizona

Visit the USA

After visiting the Grand Canyon, make sure to take a pit stop in Flagstaff Arizona. From the historic railroad district to the ancient cliff dwellings, Flagstaff embodies a beauty that is truly it’s own.

What to see:

1.) Lowell Observatory: If you are a lover of stargazing this is truly a must see. This one of a kind experience is so breathtaking, we consider it bucket list worthy.

Cloudy Nights

2.) Lava River Cave: Formed nearly 700,000 years ago by molten rock, this mile-long cave is a highlight of the massive Coconino National Forest. This is a perfect day trip for the family to see some of nature’s greatest creations.

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4 Must-See Beautiful College Campuses



Pepperdine University

Many people say that college is the best four years of your life, and it’s pretty hard to dispute that claim. While all-nighters in the library were never our fave, it’s hard not to love the sweet taste of freedom, especially when it comes in the form of having the ability to have ice cream for every meal.


For many students these days, the college experience is much more glamorous than it used to be. All it takes is a Pinterest search of “dorm decor” to see that college kids are living lavishly these days. Besides dorm rooms that look like they’re straight out of HGTV, some college campuses are beginning to look like all-inclusive resorts. Think we’re kidding? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most beautiful college campuses.

Let’s get started!

Pepperdine University

Seaver College – Pepperdine University

Alexa, play “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus! For this one, we’re taking a trip to Pepperdine University, a private research University located just outside of Malibu, California. Though the school was first founded in the 1930s in Los Angeles, the University expanded it’s campus to the beachy town of Malibu in the 70s?

Fun fact: The campus may look familiar, as the popular Nickelodeon show Zoey 101 was filmed here in the early 2000s!

University of Miami

University of Miami

Tell us that this picture doesn’t look like a two-story nightclub in the tropics. Wanna know something crazy? This is building is actually the home of the College of Engineering at the University of Miami, located in Coral Gables, Florida!

Students really get to live like they’re on vacation, especially during the warm days of the spring and fall semesters! The Student Center Complex has beautiful pools and lounge chairs that students can relax in, or simply catch up on their assignments.

Monmouth University

Here’s another college campus that you may recognize from a very famous American film! Remember the 1982 film, Annie, starring the little red-head orphan who was taken under the wing of the wealthy Oliver Warbucks? This gorgeous building on the campus of Monmouth University in New Jersey was actually “Daddy Warbucks'” mansion in the film!

Located one mile from the beach, students even have the option of living in apartments with ocean views! The campus of Monmouth University has state-of-the-art academic buildings, like The Great Hall, pictured above. Perhaps the most gorgeous part? The floral landscaping throughout.

University of Hawaii at Manoa

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Talk about breathtaking views!! The University of Hawaii at Manoa is a public university in Honolulu. Located in the heart of Honolulu, the campus offers stunning views of volcanoes, and of course, is only a few short miles from the closes beaches! Did someone say surfing?!

But seriously, we couldn’t be more envious of the students that get to call this place home, Many people say that the atmosphere here is very laid back. Safe to say, that if we could do it all over again, we’d be sending this school an application!

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Breathtaking Winter Travel Destinations



Don’t lie to yourself, a vacation would be totally amazing after the whirlwind of a year it’s been. This year has been mentally exhausting for everyone. Though quarantine has been a “staycation” from school or the office, most of us are experiencing cabin fever and our wanderlust leaves us daydreaming of beautiful destinations and new experiences.


Though travel looks a little different these days, it is still possible to do it safely and socially distant. The travel industry has suffered a lot due to the pandemic, so there are also a lot of amazing deals out there so they can try and stay alive. Whether you are a snow bunny, or live to be beachside in your bikini, we have some breathtaking travel ideas to inspire your next trip!

For the Snow Bunnies

Banff, Canada

The Mandagies

Banff National Park lies in the heart of Canada’s Alberta province. This picturesque resort town is home to picturesque mountain views and beautiful lakes. There is no shortage of activities in this area. Whether you prefer to be active or leisurely, there is something to do for everyone! Take a hike through Mt. Rundle or Mt. Cascade. Not up to it? There are gondola rides that will take you up the mountain if you don’t feel like hiking or biking. Banff’s main street, Banff Avenue has plenty of boutiques, museums, and art galleries. And of course, no trip would be complete without fine dining. There is all of that and more in this charming town!

Park City, Utah


Park City is just east of Utah’ s capital, Salt Lake City. This beautiful, mountainous area is home to mountains with slopes for those that are thrill seekers, making it the perfect destination for fans of skiing and snowboarding! This is one of the best winter sporting destinations in the world, as the 2002 Winter Olympic Games were hosted at Olympic Park, which is open to visitors! Maybe you’d prefer to relax, which is not a problem since there are dons of spas in the area where you can pamper yourself!

Lake Placid, NY

Opal Unpacked

Lake Placid is a cozy ski village in New York’s very own Adirondack mountains. This is another proud town that has hosted the Winter Olympics. If you love outdoor sports, this is the destination for you! You can of course ski, bobsled, ice climb, and ice skate. For the brave, you can even ski jump at the former Olympic facility in the area. The lodging in the area is so sadorable and makes for the perfect winter getaway!

For the Beach Bums

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Los Cabos Guide

Life is better in a bikini, right?! Though Cabo San Lucas has been a favorite vacation destination among celebs like George Clooney and Jeniffer Aniston, you don’t have to be an A-lister to travel here! Cabo has built an amazing reputation and for good reason! Not only are the white sand beaches so beautiful, the nightlife is amazing. The main beach town in Cabo is Playa el M├ędano, and has outdoor dining making it appropriate for travel in the COVID day in age!

Rockport, Texas

Texas Hill Country

There’s nothing like a little bit of Southern comfort! Rockport, Texas is a coastal town that offers just that! This laid back town in the Lone Star Stare is loved by visitors for it’s slow paced atmosphere that the South is known for. Besides eating Texan delicacies during your stay in Rockport, you can go boating and fishing-the town is known for shipbuilding! If you prefer to sunbathe, Rockport beach is a fan favorite!

Palm Springs, California


Palm Springs, California is one of the state’s most adored destinations, located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert. It is well known for its hot springs and is a great option if you have a golfer in your life, with some amazing golf courses! If you love to travel luxuriously, there are some lavish hotels and even better shopping in the area. We stay California Dreamin’ of a trip to Palm Springs!

Safe travels!

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Must-See Christmas Lights and Attractions That Are Saving 2020



2020 has been an extremely hard year for all of us. Though it was off to a good start, we have endured a global pandemic, which caused millions to lose jobs, and even loved ones. We watched polarized political parties go head to head in an election, and we even lost some adored celebrities like Kobe Bryant and Alex Trebek. Safe to say, we could all use a little bit of light in our lives these days.


Not to worry! All is calm, all is bright! This year, millions of Americans and Christmas lovers around the world have been waiting patiently to deck the halls! Some even started way before Christmas, and how could we blame them?


Here are some of the best light displays around the world that have spread Christmas cheer and joy!

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn NY


New York City is famous for being one of the most festive places in the world during the holiday season. Between the Rockefeller Center’s annual Christmas tree lighting, Radio City Music Hall’s famous Christmas Spectacular starring the Rockettes, it is safe to say this is the place to be during the holidays. But you may not know that the Dyker Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn goes all out during the Christmas season. The area attracts hundreds of tourists every day that walks the streets and admires the lights on the beautiful homes!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Review Journal

Though Vegas may be known to many as the City of Sin, we disagree. Las Vegas is home to the Magical Village. It’s exactly what it sounds like-magical. Filled with Christmas trees, rides, and even live performances of Elf, this place is great for the young at heart! The best part? All proceeds from the village go to charity!

Orlando, Florida

Disney Fanatic

It really is true, nobody does it like Disney. As soon as Halloween ends at the Most Magical Place on Earth, Christmas decorations go up throughout the resort. Most famous of all of the Christmas attractions at the House of Mouse is the Magic Kingdom’s light display down Main Street USA. Of course, no trip to Disney is complete without some sweet treats. They even have decadent holiday delicacies.

Austin, Texas

Austin Trail of Lights

Austin, Texas may be known as the Violet Crown Cities, but it is also home to the Austin Trail of Lights. The attraction has been operating for 56 years consecutively, and is not letting COVID-19 get in the way of making spirits bright! Usually, the premises can be walked, but this year the light extravaganza will be taking place as a drive-through attraction, complete with festive music.

London, England

Secret London

Doesn’t London look absolutely lovely during Christmas? Pictured above is Regent street, which has been displaying majestic Christmas lights for over seventy years.

Paris, France

On the Luce Travel

Galleries Lafayette is a boujee French department store in Paris. They annually house a gorgeous Christmas display that has been attracting Parisians and tourists for one hundred years. Wow.


Most of us probably won’t be traveling to these amazing displays this year, but go out and explore the neighborhoods by you! Don’t be a Grinch, grab your hot chocolate, Christmas pjs, and blast some Christmas tunes. You won’t regret it!

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