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7 Themed Hotel Rooms You’ll Never Believe Exist




From Barbies Dreamhouse to James Bond, here are some of the most unique “themed” hotel rooms we’ve ever seen.

The Star Wars Lair


“Feel the force” around you in this Star Wars theme room. Located in Brighton England, “Hotel Pelirocco” is known for quirky themed rooms that have visitors raving. 

“Once Upon A Time…”


Located in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom lies Cinderellas Castle. The enchanting building is known as a monumental icon for Disney lovers everywhere. The biggest secret of the castle? The Cinderella Suite. Unfortunately, no amount of money will get you a reservation. The only way to experience an evening in this fantasy room is to win a special Disney contest.

The Name’s Bond


Do you like your martini shaken or stirred? Whatever the preference, this James Bond themed room will have “007’ fans satisfied.

Located In: “Seven Hotel”, Paris

1950’s Drive-In


Cue the Jukebox and put on your saddle shoes – we are back in the 50s! Located at “The Victorian Mansion” in Los Alamos California, this 50’s theme room is a true classic. 

Room of Noodles


We are hungry just looking at this Ramen room! Located in Gapyeong South Korea, the “Unique Pension Hotel” is known for its unique decor. I mean really… how many people can say they slept in a Cup of Raman Noodles? 

Emerald City


Slip-on those ruby red slippers and skip down the yellow brick road – We’re off to see the Wizard! A hidden gem tucked away at The Roxbury Motel, The Emerald City suite is one of a kind. Interested in staying? You better hustle because this room gets booked quickly!

Located in: Catskills, New York

Barbie Dream Camper


This Barbie themed get-away is every little girl’s dream. The Hilton Hotel in Mexico City created this room after Barbie turned 60 in 2019.  A perfectly pink tribute, this suite is truly a Barbie paradise. 

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5 SPECTACULAR treehouses you can actually rent



Even if nature isn’t your “thing” these tree houses are so epic, just about anyone would want to stay for a visit. Interested? Well it’s your lucky day! All of these are available for renting!

1.)La Cabane Perchée Treehouse (France)


This quaint yet magnificent 3 bedroom treehouse is located in the countryside of France. At $224 a night you are getting spectacular views, a hot tub, and memories you’ll never be able to forget.


2.) Tree House Blue Mountains (Australia)


This treehouse is one of the most breathtaking in the world. Built in the middle of an Australian forest, the Blue Mountain Tree house is a nature lovers dream. $683 a night may seem like a lot for a Airbnb, but this one is definitely worth it.


Hang out in the “living” room and try to soak in all the beauty around you.

Or draw yourself a hot bath and enjoy the mountains!


3.) “Meadowlark Treehouse” (Montana)

No, you are not dreaming! This beauty is a real place you can stay! Tucked in the woods of Montana, this one bedroom tree house can fit up to 4 guests for $431 a night.


Enjoy the fresh air during the day and have a campfire at night!

Or cozy up with a cup of coffee in the living room nook!


3.) Balian Treehouse


Dorothy we are not in Kansas anymore! This exotic Airbnb is located in the one and only Bali Indonesia. At $100 a night, you wouldn’t believe all this beauty had such a low price tag.


Yes, you have a inground pool!


And gorgeous grounds..


And a mediation gazebo! #ZenButBougie


4.) Off the Grid Treehouse (Oregon)


This unique “look out” treehouse is the perfect getaway for someone who’s looking to be peacefully secluded.


Chill out and take a breath from life’s hecticness.


And check out one of the most beautiful night’s skies your eyes will ever see!


5.) Secluded Intown Treehouse (Georgia)


Priced at $389 a night, this fairytale like treehouse is a quite the magical getaway.


Travel from the different sections of the treehouse on this lit up bridge.


Sleep with the windows wide open and feel natures natural breeze.

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5 underrated cities in the USA



Although it may not be the best time to travel, there are several underrated cities in the US that deserve more visiting. Once COVID-19 dies down (please die COVID), make sure to check out some of America’s hidden gems.

1.) Providence, Rhode Island


Providence is the perfect city to visit for anyone who loves arts, great food, and unique shops. It’s “quaint” New England vibe meets modern culture, making Rhode Island a one of a kind state.

What to see:

1.) Newport Cliff Walk : A 3.5 mile walk (if you do the whole thing) that takes you along a scenic path. Views of the water surround you on one side, and mansions on the other. These massive estates are from the Gilded Age and are truly quite the site to see. If you want to take a look inside, most of these famous homes are open for tours.

Visit Rhode Island

2.) Westminster Street: This is a great area to take a stroll! The streets are filled with art galleries, shops, and an incredible food scene.

2.) Salem, Oregon


If you are a lover of flowers and wine, Salem Oregon is the perfect destination for you. Known for their gorgeous gardens and nurseries, florist enthusiasts can enjoy taking a stroll just about anywhere in Salem. In the mood for wine? No problem! Salem has more than 700 wineries in the region! YES, I SAID 700! This city is also great for hiking and spectacular views.

What to See:

1.) Wooden Shoe Tulip Park: In April, the Wood Shoe Tulip Park is fully in bloom. There’s no words to describe just how breathtaking this is, so we’ll just show you.


2.) One Love Cellars: This vineyard is filled with extra love! A mother & daughter owned and operated winery, One Love Cellars is the perfect day trip for any wine devotee. Located on 16 acres of land, there is so much to do while “sipping” on the grounds of One Love Cellars.

3.) Knoxville, Tennessee


When people think about traveling to Tennessee, Nashville is usually the first city that comes to mind. Yes, Nashville is a great city, but it is often packed with tourists. Go about 180 miles east and you will find Knoxville, Tennessee. Branded as “Austin without the hype,” this laid back town is filled with great bars, delicious restaurants, and a stellar music scene. There is also a abundant amount of hiking trails if you are interested in incorporating some nature to the trip.

What to see:

Market Square: Want the best bars and restaurants around Knoxville? Make sure to get to Market Square. You may also check out some live entertainment, pop-up farmers markets, and tons of shopping!

Urban Wilderness: Over 50 miles of trails, the Urban Wilderness is the ideal spot for any lover of the outdoors.

Visit Knoxville

4.)Portland, Maine

Topside Inn

Debatably the most “happening” city for foodies, Portland is the perfect location to satisfy any palate. Beer enthusiast? Book your trip now! Portland is known for its never ending list of microbreweries and pubs. If you love lighthouses, Portland has magnificent trails along the coastline that lead you too these spectacular beacons.

What to see:

Bud Light Park: Take a stroll and enjoy the scenery! With skyline views spanning over 9 acres of land, this park is a must see.

City of South Portland

Allagash Brewery: Take a tour or sit at the bar, Allagash Brewery is a hot spot for beer connoisseurs. Hold off on lunch before visiting the brewery – there is PLENTY of delicious Portland style food being served.

5.)Flagstaff, Arizona

Visit the USA

After visiting the Grand Canyon, make sure to take a pit stop in Flagstaff Arizona. From the historic railroad district to the ancient cliff dwellings, Flagstaff embodies a beauty that is truly it’s own.

What to see:

1.) Lowell Observatory: If you are a lover of stargazing this is truly a must see. This one of a kind experience is so breathtaking, we consider it bucket list worthy.

Cloudy Nights

2.) Lava River Cave: Formed nearly 700,000 years ago by molten rock, this mile-long cave is a highlight of the massive Coconino National Forest. This is a perfect day trip for the family to see some of nature’s greatest creations.

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Why is Finland the happiest country on earth?



Conde Nast Traveler

In March of this s*it show of a year, Forbes magazine released a list of the happiest countries on earth. Out of all 20 countries that made the list, Finland was on the top….AGAIN.


So what is it that makes this country so damn happy? And can Americans get some of whatever it is?

According to the annual World Happiness Report, “countries are rated based off GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, social freedom, generosity, and absence of corruption.” Most of the nation’s people agree that Finland gets an A+ in all categories.

During a March 2020 interview conducted by Insider, Finland locals gave honest insight on why they are so happy to live in their country.

Here are some of the reasons:

Live Happy Magazine

  • Jobs allow a great balance between work and daily life.
  • Society provides benefits, but you still have freedom.
  • “Complaining” is rare in their culture.
  • Financial support is provided by their government.
  • They don’t have big income differences between each other.
  • There is equal opportunity for all. The majority of “Finn’s” go through the exact same schooling from when they are children.
  • Fin’s LOVE to eat, drink, and mainly drink.

While there is no 100% clear answer as to why Finland is so “happy”, it’s interesting to see and compare the differences between our own country. No matter where you live, slowing down to enjoy your life and appreciate what you have is super important. America may be lower on the “happy” list (#18), and some things are out of our control (COUGHgovernmentCOUGH), but it’s never too late to work on our own lives and well being. Don’t forget, happiness is contagious.


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