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5 Iconic Celebrity Best Friend Duos

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So the saying goes, “there are friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for life.” And, it’s completely true. Like we all do, celebrities all have that one bestie that they are inseparable from. From shopping at the lavish stores on Rodeo Drive, or grabbing cocktails at the most exclusive lounges, these duos always have each other’s backs. Here are some of our celebrity #BFFGoals!


Kylie Jenner and Anastasia Karanikolaou

The Blast

Though it seems like these days, Kylie Jenner’s bestie is her 3-year-old daughter, Stormi, Anastasia Karanikolaou has been the makeup guru’s go-to-gal for over ten years now! Kylie shared in an Instagram post that the two met at a fan event, and have been the best of friends ever since. Anastasia, aka “Stassiebaby” has even earned the accolade of “most loyal friend” according to Kylie. The pair also has matching tattoos in honor of Stormi.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck


A viral TikTok once said, “I ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends…it’s always one of ’em gotta be ugly” But this duo just proves that is so wrong. Matt and Ben have been friends since childhood when their mothers introduced them. The pair grew up together in the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts, and even attended high school together. In the late nineties, the young men co-wrote their breakout film, Good Will Hunting, and starred in the classic alongside the late Robin Williams. This film won Matt and Ben an Oscar for Best Screen Play in 1998. Both of their careers have taken off since, then but they have remained close friends!

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift


The friendship between Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez is proof that two queens can rule beside eachother! Though the two keep quiet about their tight knit bond, Selena and Tay have been friends for nearly fifteen years. Taylor and Selena met when each of them were dating Jonas brothers, Joe and Nick respectively. Since then, they’ve faithfully had each other’s backs. Selena has said that Taylor has consistently shown up for her during the hardest times of her life: throughout struggles with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, receiving a kidney transplant, and even struggling with mental health. Where do we sign up for a friendship like this?

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King


Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait. Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King met in the 1970s when they were both aspiring young journalists working for Baltimore WJZ. Though the two worked in different quarters of the station, they both bonded over their roots and interests. The pair’s friendship was solidified when Oprah let Gayle stay the night at her place when she couldn’t make it home during a snow storm. Fast forward to modern-day, and the two are closer than ever. Gayle was a frequent guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and even tagged along with her bestie in a cross country road trip in 2006. The two continue to cheer each other on and celebrate their accomplishments. Now that is women supporting women.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

The New York Times

It’s crazy to think that Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio only have become close friends in the last few years. The young actors both had roles on ABC’s Growing Pains in the 80s and 90s, but starred on the show at different times. Throughout the 90s they were often photographed together at events, but it seemed as though their friendship didn’t go further beyond that. In 2015, the heartthrobs were both in a Martin Scorsese film, and in 2019, the two instantly became pals when they starred in Quentin Tarantino’s movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It is during filming where they bonded over growing up in Hollywood at the same time and sharing very similar experiences.

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Hollywood Baby Bumps We Can’t-Wait to Meet!

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Photo Credit: Getty

Hollywood is about to get cuter than ever! Here are a few celebrity Mama’s-to-be expecting their FIRST bundles of joy.

Sophie Turner + Joe Jonas

Photo Credit: Mega

Game of Thrones star (24-year-old) Sophie Turner and musician (30-year-old) Joe Jonas are both expecting their first child in the next few weeks! The two have been together since 2016 and officially tied the knot in 2019. We are all so excited, and can’t imagine the talent this dynamic duo’s baby will bring to the world.

Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom

Photo Credit: SCOTT BARBOUR/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Our “Teenage Dream” is coming true! (35-year-old) Katy Perry is ready to be a Mama for the first time! While parenthood is a whole new chapter for Perry, her partner (and baby daddy) Orlando Bloom already has some experience in the book of “Dad” life.

Photo Credit:

(43-year-old) Bloom shares 9-year-old son Flynn with his supermodel ex-wife Miranda Kerr. The gender of this soon to be famous baby has yet to be revealed; however, Perry may have dropped a big hint. During her performance at the Women’s Cricket T20 World Cup 2020 final in Australia, she told the crowd “I hope it’s a girl”.

Gigi Hadid + Zayn Malik

Photo Credit: Instagram

One of our favorite American supermodels has a bun in the oven! A few months back, (25-year-old) Gigi Hadid and on again off again boyfriend (27-year-old) Zayn Malik announced their pregnancy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Hadid has decided to keep details of her pregnancy on the down-low. She addressed curious fans on Instagram Live stating that there are bigger issues going on in the world that she’d rather post about. While we don’t know much about this future baby, we do know that true love always finds its way back.

Emma Roberts + Garret Hedlund

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

(29-year-old) American Horror Story star Emma Roberts is anticipating the birth of her first child with (35-year-old) actor Garret Hedlund. The two started dating shortly after calling off her engagement to co-star Evan Peters in the Spring of 2019. News broke of the pregnancy in late June leaving fans eager to see a baby bump. While it may be several months away, we are looking forward to meeting this gorgeous couples new-born.

Nicki Minaj + Kenneth Petty

Photo Credit: Instagram

Leave it to Nicki Minaj to reveal her pregnancy glitz and glam style. The (37-year-old) rapper and husband (42-year-old) Kenneth Petty said their “I do’s” 9-months ago and have been living happily ever since. Ready to be a full-time Mom, Minaj made the difficult decision to retire her singing career. As much as we’ll miss hearing new hits, we can’t wait to see this mega star become a Mother.

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Radarpics for FENDI

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“I’m back!” : A Letter From JWOWW



Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP

Hey guys! It’s Jenni Jwoww Farley here, and I have some GREAT news to share with all my fans.

Photo Credit: giphy

No, I’m not going to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Bikini addition, BUT my online site “Miss Domesticated” is back and running! From day one, my intention for “Miss Domesticated” was to create a one stop shop for readers to be entertained while consuming their news. We cover trends, fashion, beauty, entertainment, and all that falls in-between. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little over 2020 and could use some positivity on my news feed.

Aside from the re-launch of my site, I will be working on a few new projects that I’m very excited about. For those of you who are reality TV fans….YES, I will be getting ready to film another season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Despite the rumors, I’ve made the decision to stick with the show and reunite once again with my second family.

Photo Credit: MTV

While it was nice to be home these last few months with the kids, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things and say f*ck you to 2020. I can’t believe I’d ever say this, but I’m really getting tired of baking (no offense banana bread).

Photo Credit: Giphy

I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and sane! I miss you all and cannot wait for our world to go back to normal. In the mean time, make sure to subscribe to “Miss Domesticated” for your daily dose of entertainment.


Jenni “JWoww” Farley

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Chrissy Teigen blocks 1 MILLION accounts and deletes 60,000 Tweets #wtf

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Photo Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen raised quite a few eyebrows this week after blocking 1 million Twitter accounts and deleting thousands of her own Tweets. Why would she do such a thing? Conspiracy Theorists around the world are saying it is because Teigen could be affiliated with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse. Yikes.

Teigen made multiple statements CLEARLY denying ANY association to Epstein or visiting his island.

Despite her asking for the harassment to stop, the mother of two continued to receive heinous tweets referring to her as a “pedophile”. Teigen made a statement saying she will leave Twitter if the company doesn’t do something to resolve the issue.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Epstein committed suicide back in 2019 as he awaited his NYC trial.

Since then, it seems like a never ending flood of new evidence continues rising to the surface. In early July, Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested. Why? For assisting Epstein in recruiting underage girls. While much is still unknown, a major development broke in the case when they found and arrested Maxwell.

Photo Credit: Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan, via Getty Images

Earlier this year, Netflix released the documentary “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich” . Throughout the docu-series, several young woman came forward in sharing disturbing stories of the abuse they endured during their time at Epstein’s private island. Teigen is being accused of visiting that same island.

While Chrissy T. may feel personally attacked throughout all of this, she is not alone.

Several other Hollywood stars are also being accused of affiliation with Epstein. According to conspiracy theorists, President Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton are just a few names on a long list of others who have been associated with Epstein.

Photo Credit:

As for us here at Miss Domesticated? We just hope the allegations are untrue and Chrissy’s Twitter account can go back to an online destination for delicious recipes, amazing “clap backs”, and positivity.

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