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4 Must-See Beautiful College Campuses



Pepperdine University

Many people say that college is the best four years of your life, and it’s pretty hard to dispute that claim. While all-nighters in the library were never our fave, it’s hard not to love the sweet taste of freedom, especially when it comes in the form of having the ability to have ice cream for every meal.


For many students these days, the college experience is much more glamorous than it used to be. All it takes is a Pinterest search of “dorm decor” to see that college kids are living lavishly these days. Besides dorm rooms that look like they’re straight out of HGTV, some college campuses are beginning to look like all-inclusive resorts. Think we’re kidding? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most beautiful college campuses.

Let’s get started!

Pepperdine University

Seaver College – Pepperdine University

Alexa, play “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus! For this one, we’re taking a trip to Pepperdine University, a private research University located just outside of Malibu, California. Though the school was first founded in the 1930s in Los Angeles, the University expanded it’s campus to the beachy town of Malibu in the 70s?

Fun fact: The campus may look familiar, as the popular Nickelodeon show Zoey 101 was filmed here in the early 2000s!

University of Miami

University of Miami

Tell us that this picture doesn’t look like a two-story nightclub in the tropics. Wanna know something crazy? This is building is actually the home of the College of Engineering at the University of Miami, located in Coral Gables, Florida!

Students really get to live like they’re on vacation, especially during the warm days of the spring and fall semesters! The Student Center Complex has beautiful pools and lounge chairs that students can relax in, or simply catch up on their assignments.

Monmouth University

Here’s another college campus that you may recognize from a very famous American film! Remember the 1982 film, Annie, starring the little red-head orphan who was taken under the wing of the wealthy Oliver Warbucks? This gorgeous building on the campus of Monmouth University in New Jersey was actually “Daddy Warbucks'” mansion in the film!

Located one mile from the beach, students even have the option of living in apartments with ocean views! The campus of Monmouth University has state-of-the-art academic buildings, like The Great Hall, pictured above. Perhaps the most gorgeous part? The floral landscaping throughout.

University of Hawaii at Manoa

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Talk about breathtaking views!! The University of Hawaii at Manoa is a public university in Honolulu. Located in the heart of Honolulu, the campus offers stunning views of volcanoes, and of course, is only a few short miles from the closes beaches! Did someone say surfing?!

But seriously, we couldn’t be more envious of the students that get to call this place home, Many people say that the atmosphere here is very laid back. Safe to say, that if we could do it all over again, we’d be sending this school an application!

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4 Best Hiking Spots In New York State



New York state is known for some of the most beautiful and scenic hiking trails. From slow paced walks to high-intensity adventures, you can find an unlimited amount of outdoor activities to participate in in NY state. Here are some of the best hiking spots we have found in New York.

Let’s get some fresh air!

Cascade Mountain, Adirondack Mountains

Photo from

As many know, the Adirondacks contains several mountains, 46 high peaks to be exact. Cascade Mountain is one of the many that are a part of this range. Located in Essex county Adirondack Park, the mountain is about 4,098 feet tall. At the bottom of this mountain you can find a brook and a series of waterfalls that cascade into the small stream of water. The entirety of the hike can take about 4 hours, 2 hours to the top and 2 hours back down. The views are incredible from the summit as you can see a handful of the mountains surrounding you with beautiful greenery and wildlife. This hike is considered to be the easiest out of all 46 mountains and you can bring your dogs on this trail!

The Watkins Glen State Park Gorge Trail.

Photo from

In the town of Watkins Glen, Schuyler county in the region of Finger Lakes, you can find the enchanting rainbow bridge and falls. This 1.5 mile long trail features 19 waterfalls! Though the distance is not too far, there are about 800 stairs in this trail that make it quite the leg workout. It takes about one hour each way and can be considered an easy-intermediate hike. If you would like to see the scenery but can not walk up hundreds of stairs, buses are available at the bottom of the premises and can take you to the top!

The Buttermilk Falls Gorge Trail.

Photo from

The quaint city of Ithaca is home to some of the most beautiful waterfall landscapes in the entire region. Buttermilk falls is a state park features two trails that circle together to create a 1.5 mile hike. The entirety of the trail takes about one and a half hours and reaches around 600 feet. This is a great hike to venture on if you are a beginner! Another great feature to this hike is that at the base of the waterfall, you can swim and relax in the outdoor scenery. It is definitely worth the drive or plane ride!

Appalachian trail

Photo from

The long trail crosses through 14 states, and totals around 2,200 miles. In the state of New York, It expands from the Hudson River to Mount Washington State Forest, totaling about 96 miles. This trail is really only recommended for experienced hikers due to its terrain and abundance of wildlife. Some of this wildlife includes black bears, white-tailed deer, eastern cottontails, porcupines, eastern grey squirrels, red squirrel, eastern chipmunk, white-footed mouse, timber rattlesnakes and more.

Side-note: For fans of true-crime, you may find it interesting to look into the crimes and conspiracies associated with the Appalachian trail.

Which adventure will you embark on?

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NJ Beaches To Check Out In 2021



For those who live in the tri-state area, going to the shore is a highlight of the summer. Northerns travel almost every weekend to the beach to soak up the surf and sand. Others who do not live in the tri-state area travel to NJ just to check out some of these beaches and experience the shore life. With 44 beaches in NJ, it can be hard to know which are best for you to travel to. We have found some of the best beaches in New Jersey to check out this summer!

It’s vacation time!

Asbury Park

Photo from

Asbury Park is a small seaside city on the New Jersey coast. It’s known for its sandy shore and beachfront boardwalk lined with shops, arcades and cafes. The city’s live music venues include the Stone Pony, which has hosted native New Jerseyans Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, and the 1920s Paramount Theatre. The city is also home to the Silverball Museum’s video games, arcade games and pinball machines which date from the 1930s to the present. Art galleries, beaches, shopping, dining and more can all be done on foot and are within close proximity to each other.

Sandy Hook

Photo from

Sandy Hook is a barrier spit in Middletown Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States. The barrier spit, approximately 6 miles in length and varying from 0.1 to 1.0 mile wide, is located at the north end of the Jersey Shore. Most people come to Sandy Hook for its outdoor appeal. Surfing, kite surfing, and windsurfing are popular activities during summer months, otherwise known as peak season. The park also features a five-mile-long pathway for walkers, cyclists, and runners. Check out some of the historical monuments on the premises including the lighthouse, proving grounds, marine biologist lab, and Fort Hancock.

Long Beach Island

Photo from

Long Beach Island, or “LBI”, is a barrier island and summer colony along the Atlantic Ocean coast of Ocean County, New Jersey in the United States. The area is known for its white sandy beaches, family friendly environment and close proximity to major population centers such as New York and Philadelphia. There are six towns in LBI, each with its own vibe. For example, Beach Haven is a town with a younger population whereas Love Ladies houses mostly retired individuals.


Photo from

Lavallette is a borough in Ocean County, New Jersey, United States. Lavallette boasts dozens of local clothing stores, trinket shops, and other boutiques selling everything you’ll need for your trip – and things you’ll want to take back with you. Find gorgeous gifts and accessories at My Sister’s Jewelry Box, or look for beach-inspired apparel and home goods at The Beach Home. You can also grab a hot cup of coffee at Lava Java, eat crabs at The Crabs Inn or go shopping at the clothing store Island Gypsy. Though the town does not have a boardwalk, you can travel to the Seaside Heights boardwalk 7 minutes away to get to one! Here you will find arcade games, rides, eateries, shops and more!

Which beach will you travel to this summer?

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Top Three Trips To Take In 2021



Traveling can be hard in the year 2021, but it is not impossible! We wanted to provide readers with information that can be useful for creating a safe, affordable and memorable trip. Below are opinion based lists that we have created to give inspiration to anyone looking for an adventure. We wish you nothing but happiness and joy throughout your future travels.

Let’s hop aboard!

Top 3 safest destination spots to travel to alone in the year 2021


Though Romania’s Transylvania may be known for Vampires, the country itself is actually a very secluded and safe travel destination. This spot is for the traveler who enjoys medieval towns, ancient churches and breathtaking mountain ranges.

Main cities to travel to: Bucharest, Sinaia, Brasov


Travel Somewhere you never thought you would! Full of history with its ancient wooden architecture and Hilltop monasteries, it is the perfect place to go for a swim in the Black Sea

Main cities to travel to: Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Vardiza


A wonderful spot if you want to experience another culture. You can safely go off the beaten path to try local street foods, explore the limestone mountains or fish. It is also features tourists spots such as the worlds largest caves. A true place for adventure

Main cities to travel to: Ha Giang, Tam Hoc, Halong bay, Ho Chi Min.

Top 3 affordable trips to make in the year 2021


The Country has a little bit of everything for just $35 a day. Beaches, Rainforests, Cities and mountains, there is plenty to do in this country

Main cities to travel to: Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota


Large waterfalls, The bay of Rio de Janeiro, Beautiful beaches and the Sugarloaf mountain tops for roughly $40 a day

Main Cities to travel to: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador

Cape Verde

This country is a hidden gem, A great place to go if you are into hiking and trekking. The beautiful clear water beaches are an added bonus. A day here is usually $45

Main cities to travel to: Sal, Santo Antao, Santa Maria

Top 3 states to visit in the year 2021


Filled with red sanded canyons, Utah is the perfect place to visit during any time of year. In the warmer months, you can find yourself rock climbing, hiking, or ATVing in the desert. In the winter, the mountains are perfect for snow sports, like skiing or snowboarding.

Main cities to travel to: Salt Lake, Moab, Park


Enjoy some legal green while hiking through the Colorado forests and mountains. This is a campers paradise!

Main cities to travel to: Boulder, Denver, Aspen, Colorado Springs


Lobster bakes, Historical Lighthouses, whale watching and pink sunsets, Maine is an example of how beautiful Americas geography really is. Located at the tip of the country, the Atlantic breeze will sure be one you will never forget!

Main cities to travel to: Portland, Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park

Top 3 Vacation spots to visit in New Jersey in the year 2021

Atlantic City

Known for its popular night life scene, Atlantic City is for the party animal. Casinos, bars, clubs and restaurants wrap around the boardwalk. It’s a great place to gamble at night and rest on the beach the next day!


Perfect for the traveler who enjoys the views of the city without the crowded streets. With outdoor spaces such as liberty park and NJ food staples, this spread out city is perfect for the young traveler.

Cape May

A relaxing shore town rich with history. Its vintage style streets and architecture compliment the relaxing vibes of the area. Grab a Khor’s Ice Cream cone and take a horse ride with the sea breeze!

Which areas of the world will you travel to in the year 2021?

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