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4 Dog Breed Combinations You Never Knew Existed

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The “Pitsky”

Photo Credit: pinterest

The cuteness of this pup is off the charts! A mix of Pitbull and Husky, this breed makes for the ultimate companion and play partner.

The “Corgi-Dal”

Photo Credit: howtotrainthedog

Corgi physique and Dalmatian coloring, this dog is the ultimate crossbreed. This pup has a moderate energy level and all the love to give. # I’lltakeone

The “Goberian”

Photo Credit: animalso

OH..MY…ADORABLE! This breed is the result of golden retriever and husky combo and we are obsessed! The “Goberian” is known to be intelligent, playful, and loving – a perfect pup.

The “Aussiepom”

Photo Credit: pinterest

A cross between Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian, this pooch is the ultimate fluffy friend! Known for their high energy, the Aussiepom could be a lot to handle for some dog owners. The breed makes up for its hyper personality with its playful attitude and affection.

The “Frug”

Photo Credit: pinterest

Sweet mother of puppy eyes – HI FRIEND! This sweet pup is a combination of French Bull Dog and the Pug. Alert and adaptable, the Frug is the perfect addition to any family.


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